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Baduk for Beginners

An introduction to an ancient board game

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Despite its simple rules, Go (Baduk) is very difficult to learn and master. It often seems that the stronger you become, the more you have left to learn. When you start learning to play, you are more likely to improve quickly and get the most satisfaction from your games if you make it easy on yourself. The right book can make all the difference, so choosing your first study book should be done with care.

In any field, beginner or introductory books are often the most difficult to write. This is especially true of introductory books for children. Many beginner books are available today, in many languages. Many beginner books are published each year in Korea, but many fail due to a lack of attention to the difficulty of the book. Many books were too difficult for beginners and didn' t sell or gain popularity.

I've spent a lot of time researching the proper way to teach beginners at a beginner's level. Through my work on "Speed Baduk", I gained a lot of experience dealing with the 'difficulty' issue. My study and hard work has been rewarded many times over by the countless children who learned to play and have grown to be strong players from my books. I can say without ego that my beginner books are among the best you can find in Korea. Using this knowledge and experience, I decided to try my hand at writing this introductory book for adults.

This book contains many small problems and explainations designed to challenge, but not overwhelm a new player. This book is intended to get you started with Go, but to improve faster you should steadily increase the difficulty of your study books and solve many problems. For this I strongly recommend studying my "Speed Baduk" series after you complete this book.

Kim Sung-rae



009 1. Baduk (Go)

025 2. Close Combat

055 3. Life and Death

099 4. Close Combat 2

151 5. Opening 1

185 6. Territory and Scoring

205 7. Close Combat Strategy

257 8. Opening 2

327 9. Endgame

349 Answer

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