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1.d4 d6 - A Universal Weapon

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The book you are holding in your hands consists of eleven chapters devoted to different variations of the all-purpose defence for Black 1.d4 d6. Each chapter comprises a "Quick Repertoire " section, followed by a thorough theoretical and practical study in the section "Step by Step " and finally a "Complete Games " section. To be able to include this system in your opening repertoire, it should be sufficient for you to read the Introduction and play through the complete games, which should not take up too much of your time. Then you can start playing this opening in practice games at your club, or on the Internet. After you have used this "Universal System" in 10-15 games, you should compare your experiences with the author's recommendations in the "Step by Step " chapters and start to "fine-tune" your knowledge.

1.d4 d6

1) 3.dxe5 010 Quick Repertoire

012 Step by Step

023 Complete Games

2) 3.g3; 3.b3; 3.e4; 3.e4 030 Quick Repertoire

032 Step by Step

046 Complete Games

3) 3.d5 052 Quick Repertoire

054 Step by Step

071 Complete Games

4) 3.Nc3 079 Quick Repertoire

081 Step by Step

096 Complete Games

5) 3.Nf3 e4 4.Ng1; 4.Nfd2 107 Quick Repertoire

110 Step by Step

117 Complete Games

6) 3.Nf3 e4 4.Ng5 124 Quick Repertoire

126 Step by Step

140 Complete Games

1.d4 d6 2.Nf3 Bg4

7) Various w/o 3.Nbd2, 3.e4 and 3.c4 148 Quick Repertoire

151 Step by Step

159 Complete Games

8) 3.Nbd2 163 Quick Repertoire

166 Step by Step

174 Complete Games

9) 3.e4 177 Quick Repertoire

179 Step by Step

189 Complete Games

10) 3.c4 192 Quick Repertoire

194 Step by Step

201 Complete Games

1.d4 d6

11) 2.c3; 2.Bg5; 2.Bf4; 2.g3 205 Quick Repertoire

208 Step by Step

221 Complete Games

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Vladimir Barsky: 1.d4 d6 - A Universal Weapon
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