British Chess Magazine November 2011

No. 11 - Volume 131


566 Lloyds Bank Masters Part 3: Stewart Reuben continues the tale of the great Swiss

569 My Early Life Part 2: Keith Arkell remembers ...

570 GAMES DEPARTMENT - Two gems from our own "Mr Chess"

574 Endings for Experts with Grandmaster Nick Pert

576 4th Final Masters Shaun Taulbut looks at a Carlsen blitz and an exciting finish

578 Spot the Continuation A bunch of tactical puzzlers handpicked by us

580 Past Practices by John S Hilbert

585 Quotes & Queries - Alan Smith and his time machine

586 Ask the Arbiter - Alex compares the pairings made in silicon heaven

588 Spot the Continuation Solutions

589 Problems with Christopher Jones. Our new problemist signs in!

590 Practical Play - a double helping of AJ Dommett

592 Endings for Learners - more help from Australia's teacher turned preacher

593 Endgame Studies (IRW)

594 News from the British Isles - the Autumn Congresses

596 News from Abroad - ratings, Kasparov rears his head, dull draws ..

598 Correspondence Chess with Kenny Harman

599 Chess: A New Form? Why? A reply to Grandmaster Nigel Davies from Neville Twitchell

600 DVD Reviews - with more planned for the New Year from Messrs Bibby, Coates and Tart

601 Book Reviews

602 Endgame Study Solution (IRW)

604 Dearing's Discoveries

609 Test Your Chess with IM Shaun Taulbut

614 Sam at the Back Miniatures of the Chessboard

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