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PfeilJonathan Speelman, PfeilJon Tisdall, PfeilRobert G. Wade

Batsford Chess Endings

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The definitive single-volume guide to chess endings; this is the ideal companion to Batsford Chess Openings 2.

005 Introduction

007 Table of Computer Database Results

008 Symbols

009 The Basic Mates

013 Pawn Endings Speelman

013 King and Pawn(s) v King

017 King and Pawn v King and Pawn

020 King and Two Pawns v King and Pawn

035 Other Pawn Endings

056 Knight v Pawn(s) Tisdall

056 Knight v Pawn(s)

060 Knight and Pawn v Pawn(s)

068 Knight and Pawns v Pawn(s)

076 Knight Endings Tisdall

076 Knight and Pawn v Knight (and Pawn)

083 Knight and Two Pawns v Knight and Pawn(s)

091 Knight and Three Pawns v Knight and Pawn(s)

101 More Pawns

112 Two Knights v Pawn(s) Speelman

116 Bishop v Pawn(s) Tisdall

116 Bishop and Pawn v Pawn(s-)

125 Bishop and Pawns v Pawn(s)

131 Bishop (without Pawns) v Pawns

133 Bishop Endings: Same Colour Tisdall

133 Bishop and Pawn(s) v Bishop

143 More Pawns

145 Bishop Endings: Opposite Colour Tisdall

145 Bishop and Two Pawns v Bishop

149 Bishop and Three Pawns v Bishop and Pawn(s)

151 More Pawns

161 Bishop v Knight Tisdall

161 Bishop and Pawn v Knight (and Pawns)

165 Bishop and Two Pawns v Knight (and Pawns)

173 Bishop and Three Pawns v Knight and Pawns

176 Many Pawns

182 Bishop (without Pawns) v Knight and Pawn(s)

191 Two Bishops v Knight Speelman

195 Two Bishops v Two Minor Pieces Tisdall

195 Knight and Bishop

199 Two Knights

205 Rook v Pawn(s) Speelman

205 Rook v One Pawn

213 Rook v Two Pawns

219 Rook v Three or More Pawns

224 Practical Examples

227 Rook Endings Specimen

227 Rook and Pawn v Rook

227 Fundamental Positions

233 Defending king is cut off on a file

238 Rook's Pawns

245 Rook and Two Pawns v Rook

245 Connected Pawns

251 Isolated Pawns

261 Rook and Pawn v Rook and Pawn

266 Rook and Two Pawns v Rook and Pawn

266 "Bunched" Pawns

272 Connected Passed Pawns

275 Isolated Passed Pawn(s)

280 More Pawns - "Theoretical Positions"

280 Pawns on the Same Side

295 Outside Passed Pawn

304 Underlying Elements of Rook Endgames

310 Further Examples: Material Advantage

314 Positional Features

324 Double Rook Endings Speelman

333 Rook v Knight Tisdall

333 Without Pawns

336 Rook and Pawn v Knight (and Pawn)

342 More Pawns

351 Rook v Bishop Tisdall

351 Rook (and Pawn) v Bishop

357 Both Sides Have Pawn(s)

364 Rook v Bishop and Pawns

367 Rook v Two Minor Pieces Tisdall

367 Two Knights

370 Bishop and Knight

376 Two Bishops

379 Rook and Knight v Rook Tisdall

382 Rook and Bishop v Rook Speelman

392 Queen v Pawn(s) Wade

397 Queen Endings Wade

397 Queen and Pawn v Queen

410 Many Pawns

418 Tactics

422 Further Examples

426 Queen v Rook Wade

437 Queen v Minor Pieces Speelman

442 Queen v Two Rooks Wade

444 Queen and Piece v Queen,

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