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Bridge Masterclass

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Learn * Study * Bid * Play * Enjoy

Bridge Masterclass with Omar Sharif combines the most powerful yet simple to use brige playing engine available with a fully interactive video tutorial.

The Tutorial

Learn bridge the easy way with Omar Sharif as your personal tutor. With hours of full motion video and high quality stereo sound the game of Bridge is covered from the very basics of bidding right up to the more impenetrable subleties of master play.

Split into two sections beginner and expert, the tutorial has something for players of all abilities. Or if all you want to do is play bridge ...

The Engine

Bridge Masterclass with Omar Sharif is our toughest computer opponent to date. It's engine algorithm recreates a unique human style of play; never 'peeking' at your cards, (as other bridge programs are prone to do).

The Program

Bridge Masterclass with Omar Sharif contains comprehensive scoring and bidding guides that give you instant understanding of the multi-faceted game of Bridge. An in-depth glossary explains a multitude of Bridge terms, accessible at any point of gameplay.

Bridge Masterclass with Omar Sharif; the comprehensive package that will guide the beginner up to intermediate level, and continue to provide hours of entertainment for club players.

Hersteller Oxford Softworks
Medium CD
Betriebssystem DOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95

Bridge Masterclass