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The Complete King's Gambit


CD-Box, Pickard

18,95 €
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The Franco Pezzi Gambitingly project is pleased to offer a specialized alternative, for those who feel they don't need coverage of ALL gambit lines. Here you can choose the systems fitted to your own playing style, at a much reduced price. Whether you select Complete 1 e4 Gambits or Complete 1 d4 Gambits or the Complete King's Gambit, you will get loads of games and analysis - along with art, music, videos, and more!

Features include: More than 14,300 games, 100 annotated games, 280 analyzed games, 80 photos, 2 video clips, 26 ChessBase opening books and 6 articles.

Weitere Informationen
Hersteller Pickard
Breite 90 mm
Höhe 92 mm
Medium CD PC
Autor Franco Pezzi
Sprache Englisch
Einband CD-Box