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Dominating 1.d4 with the King`s Indian Defense


CD/DVD-Box, OCL, 1. Auflage

Aus der Reihe »Empire Chess«

19,95 €
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The Kings Indian Defense (KID) is the perfect weapon against 1.d4 for players who like to play for a win with both colors.

A hypermodern opening, Black allows White to get a formidable center and then attacks it from the flanks. Characterized the potentially very strong Bishop on g7 and an early ... d6, the King’s Indian has stood the test of time, being a favorite of both Bobby Fischer’s and Garry Kasparov’s.

Black is able to get a powerful Kingside attack going by advancing his f-pawn to f4, bringing his pieces over to the Kingside and often sacrificing material to checkmate White’s King.

Alongside the tactical themes, there are many positional considerations to be aware of and IM Jorge Ferreira reveals all of these as he guides you through 14 different variations, pointing out the common elements and the important distinctions.

Careful study of this 4 hour course will fully prepare you to play the Kings Indian with complete confidence and get excellent positions every time.

RELOADED Edition! - Highlights

  • Exclusive Grandmaster/Master Video by a brilliant presenter. We preselect only the most compelling and interesting Grandmasters and Masters to make DVDs for us.

  • Highest quality audio and video available with Grandmaster Webcam. No more wasted time listening to low quality videos where it’s hard to hear the audio and video.

  • In depth text chapter summaries in PDF format of each DVD’s content to easily reference if you need a quick refresher on a specific topic.

  • 20 relevant and challenging practice problems per disc with solutions so you can test your learning and knowledge.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 100 g
Hersteller OCL
Breite 13,5 cm
Höhe 19 cm
Medium DVD
Autor Jorge Ferreira
Reihe Empire Chess
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
Einband CD/DVD-Box

1. Introduction

2. Classical variation - introduction

3. Classical variation - 9.Ne1 and 10.Be3

4. Classical variation - 9.Ne1 without 10.Be3

5. Classical variation - 9.Nd2

6. Classical variation - 9.b4

7. Classical variation - exchange variation

8. Classical variation - Petrosian

9. Classical variation - Gligoric

10. Makogonov variation

11. Fianchetto variation

12. Four pawns attack

13. Saemisch variation

14. Averbakh variation

15. Rare lines

Running Time: 3 hours