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New Art of Defence in Chess / reduziert


232 Seiten, kartoniert, Batsford Chess, 1. Auflage 2014

14,95 €
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- A newly revised edition of the 1970s classic, designed to reflect modern chess thinking on the art of chess defence.

- A complete arsenal of defensive techniques: repairing, trading, neutralizing and reinforcing, with chapters on counterplay, sacrifice, and risk management.

- lIIustrated with games played by masters of defence past and present, including the current world champion Magnus Carlsen, plus quiz sections to test your knowledge.

Most chess games are not won - they are lost. There are many chess books that show you how to clinch the win when you have the advantage, but New Art of Defence offers tips and techniques on how to get out of trouble - and even turn the tables - when the chips are down.

Demonstrating how to anticipate threats, accept sacrifices, and minimize losses, international grandmaster Andy Soltis shows defensive play to be intensely tactical and anything but dull. By giving advice on staying cool under fire, stonewalling and exploiting your opponent's weaknesses, he reveals the priorities, principles and mental attitudes of good defenders and shows you how to adopt them.

An up-to-date and invaluable resource for today's competitive player.

Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books, including What It Takes to Become a Chess Master, 100 Chess Master Trade Secrets and Pawn Structure Chess.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 330 g
Hersteller Batsford Chess
Breite 15,6 cm
Höhe 23,4 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Autor Andrew Soltis
Auflage 1
Seiten 232
Einband kartoniert
Diagramme 280

005 Introduction

009 Chapter One: What is Defense?

022 Chapter Two: The Spirit of Defense

053 Chapter Three: New Defense

077 Chapter Four: Weapons of Defense

106 Chapter Five: Counterplay

125 Chapter Six: Risk Management

141 Chapter Seven: Sacrifice

162 Chapter Eight: Prophylaxis

181 Chapter Nine: You Against Tal

200 Chapter Ten: Last Chance to Defend

219 Solutions