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Aron Nimzowitsch

On the Road to Chess Mastery, 1886-1924

456 Seiten, Bibliothekseinband, McFarland, 1. Auflage 2012

54,75 €
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ca. 105 photos, maps, ca. 450 games, appendices, notes, bibliography, index

One of the greatest chess legends of all time, Aron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935), is best known for founding the Hypermodernism school of chess, which emerged after World War I to challenge the chess ideologies of traditional central European masters. This first full-scale biography of Nimzowitsch chronicles his early life in Denmark, his family and education, and his fascination with the game that would become the focus of his life. Also included are explorations of his tournament games and records, his dispute with influential chess teacher Siegbert Tarrasch, and his role in the development of Hypermodern Chess. With detailed accounts of nearly 450 games and the only narrative of Nimzowitsch from 1914 to 1924, a period formerly cloaked in mystery, this volume offers the most thorough profile available of one of chess's greatest innovators.

About the Author

Per Skjoldager is an IT contractor, chess historian and chess book collector. He lives in Fredericia, Denmark.

Former editor of Danish School Chess Magazine and Junior Chess Instructor ,Jorn Erik Nielsen lives in Aabenraa, Denmark.

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Schwerpunkt: Aaron Nimzowitsch

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 1 kg
Hersteller McFarland
Breite 18,5 cm
Höhe 26 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Autor Per SkjoldagerJorn Erik Nielsen
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-0786465392
Seiten 456
Einband Bibliothekseinband

v Acknowledgments and Thanks

001 Preface

003 Chapter 1: 1886-1904

025 Chapter 2: 1905-1906

059 Chapter 3: 1907-1909

100 Chapter 4: 1910

128 Chapter 5: 1911

170 Chapter 6: 1912

202 Chapter 7: 1913

225 Chapter 8: 1914

257 Chapter 9: 1915-1919

274 Chapter 10: 1920

305 Chapter 11: 1921

327 Chapter 12: 1922

354 Chapter 13: 1923

395 Chapter 14: 1924

427 Appendix A. Puzzles and Studies

431 Appendix B. Schaie Niemzowitsch Games and Problems

435 Bibliography

439 Index to Games by Opponent

442 Index to Openings (ECO Codes)

445 Index to Openings (Traditional Names)

447 General Index

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