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Chess Assistant 13 Professional, Upgrade

Houdini 3 pro / english manual
94,50 €
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Chess Assistant 13 with Houdini 3 PRO is a unique tool for managing chess games and databases, playing chess online, analyzing games, or playing chess against the computer.

The Professional Package includes the best chess engine - Houdini 3 PRO , Chess opening Encyclopedia 2012 , a powerful search system, a unique Tree mode , databases of 5.6 million games in total (up to November 1st, 2012) that can be updated with 2500 new games each week at www.chessok.com, etc.

Houdini 3 PRO: the World's strongest chess program, which supports up to 32 cores and 32 GB of hash You can connect Houdini 3 PRO UCI engine to ChessOK Aquarium, Fritz and ChessBase.

Houdini 3 PRO can perform any type of analysis: multi-pass game analysis, interactive analysis, background analysis

Chess Opening Encyclopedia 2012 includes rich theoretical material on all the openings, with key opening positions provided with more than 8000 annotations by GM Kalinin and 40 million evaluations by the strongest engines. The detailed key system for all openings can be edited to suit your needs.

Chess Assistant 13 includes the ChessOK Playing Zone interface and twelve months of free access (1 year membership ) to the Playing Zone, providing you with full access to its various features, including tournament participation, lecture creation and game analysis in groups.

Bonus Disc: ChessOK Aquarium 2012 interface with advanced analysis functions (can also be connected to Houdini 3 PRO.

Sergey Rublevsky, Russian Chess Champion: "I have been using Chess Assistant with great pleasure for more than 10 years already."

Weitere Informationen
Hersteller Convekta
Medium DVD
Importformate CBF, PGN
Exportformate PGN
Anzahl Partien 5.000.000
Voraussetzung: CPU min. Pentium
Betriebssystem Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Sprache Englisch
Kopierschutz Unbegrenzte Installationen
Soundkartenunterstützung Nein
Funktionen Analyse Partie, Automatische Partiewiederholung, Eingabehilfe, Endspieldatenbanken, Kommentare, Layout veränderbar, Online-Hilfe, Positionsbaum, Suche nach Stammdaten, Suche nach Stellungen, Varianten
Druck Diagramm in Grafik, Partie