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Chess Endgames for Kids

128 Seiten, gebunden, Gambit, 1. Auflage 2015

12,95 €
Inkl. 7% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten

Most chess games are decided in the endgame. It is here where you reap the reward for your good play, or else use all your cunning to deny the opponent victory. Knowing just a few key endgame techniques will dramatically increase your confidence, as you will understand what positions to aim for and which to avoid.

Starting with the basic mates and the simplest pawn endings, this book provides all the endgame knowledge that players need to take them through to club level and beyond. Müller carefully guides us step-by-step through a fascinating range of endgame tactics and manoeuvres, helping us understand the underlying logic.

Throughout the book, many cunning endgame tricks are highlighted. You will have fun springing them on friends, family - or your opponents in serious tournaments. Chess Endgames for Kids makes learning chess endgames fun. But it is also a serious endgame course written by a leading endgame expert, and provides a firm basis for vital skills that will develop throughout your chess career.

German grandmaster Karsten Müller is arguably the world’s foremost writer on chess endgames. Whenever an interesting endgame occurs in a high-level game, the chess world knows that it will soon be dissected and explained by Müller. Whether writing for a low-level or high-level audience, his infectious zeal for the endgame shines through. His ‘masterwork’, Fundamental Chess Endings (co-authored with Frank Lamprecht, and also published by Gambit) is a modern endgame ‘bible’ and was studied intensively in his youth by current World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

“This attractively produced hardback covers the endgame in 50 lessons arranged by level of difficulty (basic mates are presented early but B+N is not covered until near the end). Chess Endgames for Kids presents fundamental endgame knowledge but not in a way that overwhelms the reader... valuable not only for kids, but also chess teachers and adults who are tired of starting (and never finishing) massive tomes on endgame theory” - IM John Donaldson

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 380 g
Hersteller Gambit
Breite 17,8 cm
Höhe 23 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Autor Karsten Müller
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1910093610
Seiten 128
Einband gebunden

005 Introduction

006 Algebraic Notation

008 What’s So Special About the Endgame?

Basic Mates

012 Mate with the Queen 12

014 Mate with Two Rooks 14

016 Mate with the Rook: Method 1

018 Mate with the Rook: Method 2

020 Mate with Two Bishops

Pawn Endgames

022 The Rule of the Square

024 The Key Squares

026 Opposition

028 King and Rook’s Pawn vs King

030 King and Pawn Each: Blocked Pawns

032 King and Pawn Each: Pawn Races

034 King Geometry

036 Protected Passed Pawn

038 Triangulation and More Opposition

040 Bähr’s Rule

042 Pawns on One Wing

044 The Outside Passed Pawn

046 Mobilizing a Pawn-Majority

048 Pawn Breakthrough

Knights and Bishops

050 Knight against Pawns

052 Extra Knight

054 Knight Endgames

056 Bishop against Pawns

058 Extra Bishop

060 Same-Coloured Bishop Endings 1

062 Same-Coloured Bishop Endings 2

064 Opposite-Coloured Bishop Endings 1

066 Opposite-Coloured Bishop Endings 2

068 Bishop against Knight: Advantage for the Bishop

070 Bishop against Knight: Advantage for the Knight

Rook Endgames

072 Rook against Pawn 1

074 Rook against Pawn 2

076 Rook against Pawns

078 Rook Endings 1: Understanding the Basics

080 Rook Endings 2: Miraculous Draws?

082 Rook Endings 3: Winning with Lucena

084 Rook Endings 4: Ways to Cut the King Off

086 Rook Endings 5: Rook’s Pawns are Different

088 Rook Endings 6: Rooks and Passed Pawns

090 Rook Endings 7: Good Attackers, Poor Defenders

Rooks and Minor Pieces

092 Rook against Knight (no Pawns)

094 Rook against Knight (with Pawns)

096 Rook against Bishop (no Pawns)

098 Rook against Bishop (with Pawns)

Queen Endgames

100 Queen against Pawn

102 Queen Endings 1

104 Queen Endings 2

106 Queen against Rook (no Pawns)

And Finally...

108 Mate with Bishop and Knight 1

110 Mate with Bishop and Knight 2

112 Test Your Endgame Skills

119 Test Solutions

125 Sources

126 For Further Improvement

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