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Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners

Spotting Key Moves in the Middlegame

240 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2018.

20,95 €
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006 Explanation of symbols

007 Foreword by Vladimir Chuchelov

009 Preface

013Part I: Typical pawns and pieces

016 Chapter 1: The lingering king

024 Chapter 2: Queen in trouble

031 Chapter 3: Rook(s) on the seventh rank

038 Chapter 4: Botvinnik's fearsome bishop

044 Chapter 5: Kasparov's favourite

051 Chapter 6: Pischer's knight

058 Chapter 7: Opposites are not equal

064 Chapter 8: Cousins from a distance

072 Chapter 9: IDP: isolated doubled pawn

079 Chapter 10: A central striker

086 Chapter 11: Central supremacy

093 Exercises Part I

097Part II: When pawns meet

099 Chapter 12: Reaching for the hook

105 Chapter 13: When Harry meets g6

111 Chapter 14: Deceptive symmetry after the IQP

120 Chapter 15: Breaking free

127 Chapter 16: Flank attack!

135Part III: When to exchange and when not to

137 Chapter 17: King of all exchanges

145 Chapter 18: Along the open file

153 Chapter 19: What remains: towards a good knight versus a bad bishop

162 Chapter 20: The ace of space

171Part IV: Sacrifices - the classics

173 Chapter 21: Bishop takes h7

178 Chapter 22: The Soviet sac

185 Chapter 23: The silent knight sac

192 Chapter 24: From Morphy to Magnus

199 Chapter 25: Capa's bishop sac

209 Exercises Parts II, III and IV

213 Solutions

230 Epilogue

235 Index of players

238 Index of openings

239 Bibliography

Pattern recognition is one of the most important mechanisms of chess improvement. It helps you to quickly grasp the essence of a position on the board and find the most promising continuation.

In his instant classics Improve Your Chess Pattern Recognition (2014) and Train Your Chess Pattern Recognition (2016) International Master Arthur van de Oudeweetering presented building blocks for experienced club players which often involved notable exceptions to a set of fundamental guidelines. To appreciate these books you had to know these basic principles.

Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners provides this knowledge. It teaches the most important patterns you need to know in order to develop and mobilize your pieces, manoeuvre your pawns into positions of strength, put pressure on your opponent, attack the enemy king, and execute standard sacrifices to get the initiative.

Ambitious beginners and post-beginners who study this book will soon experience a significant improvement in their results.

Arthur van de Oudeweetering (1966) is an International Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands.


Sprache Englisch
Autor van de Oudeweetering, Arthur
Verlag New in Chess
Auflage 1.
Medium Buch
Gewicht 450 g
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 24 cm
Seiten 240
ISBN-13 978-90-5691-803-3
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Einband kartoniert


Chess Pattern Recognition for Beginners