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Art.-Nr.: SCCB14UPE

ChessBase 14 Upgrade (only) from CB 13

englisch / CB 13 serial number required
99,90 €
inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten


  • Retrieve games according to openings, players and tournaments

  • generate tournament cross tables and full graphic statistics of players or openings

  • “Similarity search” shows all games with similar pawn structures, sacrifice patterns, endgame positions, etc.

  • “Let’s check”*: access the world’s largest database of in-depth analysis (more than 200 million positions)

  • Cloud analysis: analysis of a single position with several engines from different computers running in parallel

  • “Deep analysis”: generates an analysis tree that changes dynamically, as with time weaker variations are dropped

  • one click annotates your game with the “Theoretical Novelty&rdquo

  • merge games on the fly into an opening tree

  • generate a player’s dossier containing all available information from the database

  • generate a comprehensive openings report with main and critical lines, plans and most important games

  • single click publication of games on the Internet

  • print games in superb quality with diagrams and multiple columns

  • automatic update of your local reference database with the weekly installments of games (one year)

  • access to the ChessBase online database with over eight million games*

  • mobile access with the new ChessBase Account*

CB 14 - Upgrade from CB 13

  • ChessBase 14

  • ChessBase PREMIUM Account (3 months)

  • Big Database 2016 included

  • Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German

  • CB 13 - serial number required


  • From “A” for analysis to “Z” for zugzwang, in the new ChessBase 14 program there are a whole heap of improvements which make the entry and analysis of games all the more easy, as they do the production of training or practice material.

  • “Assisted Analysis”: as you enter a game, whenever you click on a piece an evaluation is produced for all ist possible target squares and this is highlighted on the board in colour.

  • The function "Tactical Analysis" will insert commentary, variations and diagrams, before strong moves or errors, into a game or an entire database. It will also annotate combinations, played in the game or missed, tries, attacks, initiative, and of course the latest in openings theory.

  • Other improvements: Access to annotated games in the Live Database*, new game notation with diagrams and coloured highlighting in encapsulated variations, one login for all ChessBase servers (playchess, ChessBase Cloud, Let’s Check, ChessBase Accounts, saving of the search mask, export of the diagram list as a Word document produces training material in a jiffy, automatic analysis jobs from correspondence games, simplified production of training questions, the search for similar structures now made interactive, replacing games in big databases considerably speeded up, improved search for doubles, easy use of tool to activate Fritz Trainers and Engines, and much more.

* Access via PREMIUM ChessBase Account



  • Pentium-PC, 1 GB RAM

  • Windows 7

  • DirectX9 graphics card with 256 MB RAM

  • DVD-ROM drive

  • Windows Media Player 9

  • Internet access to activate the program, ChessBase Cloud and updates


  • PC Intel Core i7, 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM

  • Windows 10

  • DirectX10 graphics card (or compatible) with 512 MB RAM or more

  • Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player (Live coverage)

  • DVD ROM drive

  • Full HD Monitor

  • Internet access to activate the program, ChessBase Cloud and updates


Sprache Englisch
Autor Feist / Wüllenweber, M. / M.
Hersteller ChessBase
Gewicht 400 g
Brettanschlüsse DGT-Brett
Druck Diagramm als Text, Diagramm in Grafik, Partie, Partie in Datei
Funktionen Analyse Partie, Automatische Partiewiederholung, Dublettensuche, ECO-Zuordnung, Eingabehilfe, Endspieldatenbanken, Fernschachverwaltung, Kommentare, Layout veränderbar, Lehrfunktion, Online-Hilfe, Positionsbaum, Suche nach Stammdaten, Suche nach Stellungen, Varianten
Exportformate CBF, CBH, PGN
Importformate CBF, CBH, PGN, TXT

ChessBase 14 Upgrade (only) from CB 13