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Colias, Billy - Midwest Master


190 Seiten, kartoniert, Chess Enterprises, 1996.

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BlLLY COLIAS was one of the most remarkable players to come out of the Midwest. He overcame many obstacles to become one of the area's top players, and earned the title of Fide Master before his untimely death in 1993. This book details his life and games, including thrilling victories against both amateur and professional opposition in the Midwest, throughout the United States, and in Europe.

This volume contains 101 games played by Billy Colias, including 15 he annotated himself. Most of the games have never been published elsewhere and the reader will find them not only enjoyable, but also instructive and filled with original opening ideas. You will become acquainted with a true Midwest Master, and become a better player in the process.

Almost immediately after Billy Colias's sudden death in November, 1993, a stunned Chicago-area chess community set about searching for ways to memorialize the life of this gifted and lovable young master. A first step was the institution of the "Billy Colias Excellence in Teaching Grant" by the Warren Junior Chess Program, commemorating his acknowledged skill as an engaging and stimulating classroom teacher and private tutor. A second expression of affection was the scheduling of an open tournament in May.

The publication of the volume of Billy's games represents a third tribute by the midwest chess community. The games in this volume constitute about one-fourth of those played by Senior Master Billy Colias in his short lifetime of twenty-seven. This collection is really more than a memorial to Billy. It is in fact his final gift to us, his colleagues and friends. Many of these carefully selected games have been annotated by strong players whom Billy played often in the tournament arena; some are with notes by Billy himself. As we play the games move by move, we share Billy's creative ideas and passionate love for chess, the art that moved his life.

It might have been intriguing to discover how this yet undeveloped talent would evolve with the passing years, how his choice of openings might change, how his combinational style might be altered with maturity. Some masters maintain that such development had already begun as early as 1990. But "might-have-beens" are the stuff of Monday morning quarterbacks. It's enough that we can enjoy these games here and now.

More than any other game, chess gives its devotees a rich and permanent legacy through its monumental literature, bridging the past with the present, and assuring preservation into the future. This small work, the summation of the short, but promising, career of a midwest senior master, adds another brick to the never finished edifice.

"Non omnis moriar," said Horace two thousand years ago. "I will not totally die." The games he created for half of his life assure Billy's place in our hearts.

"We plead the cause of the American master. He is our greatest chess resource, our most priceless asset. He is our writer and our teacher, the creator of the new ideas and the examinor of the past axioms. He is the explorer and the discoverer, the artist and the practitioner. Let us admire his chess moves and respect his talent, but let us work for his right to pursue his craft with dignity and professionalism. From the Midwest Masters Game Book, 1986.

Helen Warren, Western Springs, Illinois April 10, 1994


Sprache Englisch
Autor Rantala, M. L.
Schiller, Eric
Watson, Alan L.
Verlag Chess Enterprises
Medium Buch
Gewicht 300 g
Breite 13,5 cm
Höhe 21,5 cm
Seiten 190
Erscheinungsjahr 1996
Einband kartoniert


001 Foreword by Helen Warren

003 Introduction by Fred Gruenberg

007 Chapter 1 Billy's Early Life

010 Chapter 2 Embarking upon Chess: 1978-84

036 Chapter 3 The Big Breakthrough: 1985

054 Chapter 4 Continued Development: 1986

077 Chapter 5 North Carolina Chess Instructor: 1987

101 Chapter 6 Senior Master: 1988-89

126 Chapter 7 Touching the Summit: 1990-91

153 Chapter 8 The Final Years: 1992-93

176 Chapter 9 Closing Thoughts

178 "Immortality" by Billy Colias

179 Billy's Rating Over Time

180 Career Highlights

182 Chronological List of Games

186 Index of Openings (Descriptive)

188 Index of Openings (ECO)

190 Acknowledgements

Colias, Billy - Midwest Master


14,25 €