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Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps

game annotations by Nathan Divinsky

136 Seiten, gebunden, McFarland, 2000.

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With chess game annotations by Nathan Divinsky ISBN: 0-7864-0683-6 176pp. 106 photographs (106 in color), diagrams, notes, bibliography, index $40 illustrated case binding 2000

Silver Medal Winner, World Philatelic Exhibition. Silver Medal Winner, American Philatelic Society Award. Vermeil Medal Winner, Sescal Philatelic Exhibition

Since the first chess stamp was issued in 1947, over 200 Jewish chess stamps, souvenir sheets, covers and postmarks have been issued by about 35 nations. Many of these Jewish chess stamps honored world champions from Wilhelm Steinitz to Garry Kasparov. General chess philately encompassed about 600 items as of 1994. Judaica philately, irrespective of chess, has also burgeoned; there were perhaps 10,000 stamps devoted to Jewish topics as of 1998. More than 100 stamps, souvenir sheets and covers from nearly 30 countries are featured in this richly illustrated work. Part One discusses general philately, chess philately and Judaica chess philately. Part Two is comprised of 20 short essays on famous Jewish chess players such as Steinitz, Lasker, Tal and Kasparov. Part Three describes Israeli chess events that were commemorated on Israeli postage stamps, covers and postmarks. Part Four details and annotates 17 historic chess games whose positions are depicted on stamps, souvenir sheets and covers. The Jewish chess phenomenon is discussed in Part Five.

Felix Berkovich is the author of more than 20 articles published in the United States, Germany, Israel, The Netherlands, Russia and Spain on chess and philatelic topics. He is a mechanical engineer in East Walpole, Massachusetts.

Reviews:“an important addition to the literature on Jews in Chess”-The Chess Collector; “a beautifully done book deserving of a place on the bookshelf of every Judaica collector”-The Israel Philatelist; “gorgeous illustrations of over 100 stamps”-The Jerusalem Post; “a work of good quality, evincing both scholarship and human sensitivity...for chess-playing Jewish philatelists, it may be the Book of the Year”; “an excellent book...beautifully illustrated...covers everything from chess masters to actual games ... a treat to read”-Global Stamp News; “interesting”-Mekeel’s & Stamps Magazine; “a fine job ... very well produced”-Blitz Chess; “a unique book”-AJL Newsletter.

“A beautiful piece of work-the illustrations are outstanding and the biographical information is most important. A great addition to the book shelves of both chess enthusiasts and Judaica collectors”-Dr. Oscar Stadtler, Society of Israel Philatelists.


Sprache Englisch
Autor Berkovich, Felix
Verlag McFarland
Medium Buch
Gewicht 380 g
Breite 11,5 cm
Höhe 17,4 cm
Seiten 136
ISBN-10 0786406836
ISBN-13 9780786406838
Erscheinungsjahr 2000
Einband gebunden



This book combines three popular topics: philately, chess, and Judaica. Using postage stamps, souvenir sheets, covers and postmarks, I tell about a number of Jewish chess masters and chess competitions which were commemorated by philatelic items.

Chapter 1 contains information concerning philately in general, chess philately and Judaica philately, and Judaica chess philately, which I propose as a subtopic of the chess and Judaica philately topics.

Chapter 2 consists of 20 short biographical essays on famous Jewish chess players (15 men and five women) and lists philatelic items that commemorated them or the chess competitions they won. The two first world chess champions, Wilhelm Steinitz and Emanuel Lasker, are represented, along with two Soviet Jewish world champions. Mikhail Botvinnik and Mikhail Tal; two current world champions, Garry Kasparov (men´s champion) and Zsuzsa Polgar (women´s champion); world championship challengers David Janowsky, Samuel Reshevsky, David Bronstein, Alla Kushnir and Irina Levitina; world famous chess players Johann Löwenthal, Akiba Rubinstein, Aaron Nimzovich, Richard Réti, Salomon Flohr, Miguel Najdorf, Efim Geller, and Sofia and Judit Polgar. A lack of philatelic items prevented an opportunity to write about a number of outstanding Jewish chess masters like Siegbert Tarrasch, Saviely Tartakower, Reuben Fine, Leonid Stein, Lev Polugaevsky, and others.

Chapter 3 describes chess events held in the state of Israel and commemorated by Israeli postage stamps, covers and postmarks. The 2nd Pan American Chess Macabiada in Brazil, which was honored by a cacheted cover, has also been included in this chapter.

Chapter 4 describes seventeen historical chess games played by Steinitz, Lasker, Rubinstein, Nimzovich, Najdorf, Botvinnik, Tal and Kasparov. The Game annotations are by Master Nathan Divinsky. Positions (diagrams) of those games are depicted in stamps, souvenir sheets, and covers. Some mistakes on the stamps´chess diagrams also are shon in this chapter.

Chapter 5 is devoted to well-known outstanding Jewish achievements at the game of chess, and discussions of possible causes of the so-called-Jewish chess phenomenon.

The illustrations section consists of more than a hundred stamps, souvenir sheets, and covers from about thirty countries. All are part of the author´s philatelic collection.

Jewish Chess Masters on Stamps