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Art.-Nr.: MF61857

Schachfiguren "Nautik"

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Since time immemorial men have fought battles with the oceans and seas of the world to try and master the incredible power of these vast bodies of water. The contest has always been unequal for the tempestuous seas are far more powerful than man or anything man made. So how has man been able to survive and flourish in such hostile environment? By skill, bravery, cunning and a little luck. It is this line of thought that led our designers to create a chess set featuring elements of the ocean and man`s constant quest to tame the rolling waves, the shrieking storms. Using all his experience, knowledge and seamanship man has taken much of the uncertainty out of voyaging the oceans, but can he claim to have beaten it? Our chess set characters symbolise the relationship that man has with the sea.


Captain, a master mariner of great experience with a wide knowledge of the oceans of the world. Skilled in technical and navigational matters he rules his ship with iron discipline yet has all the social graces required to entertain and mix with the high profile passengers.


The mythical mermaid, the siren of the sea that lures men into dangerous waters. Whilst none have ever been captured most sailors have no doubt of their existence and many claim to have seen them. Their song, so it is said, is irresistible and it has been necessary to tie sailors to the masts of their ship to prevent them from jumping overboard to swim to the mermaid. The figures of mermaids are often carved by shipwrights into bow sprits and many vessels feature beautiful desirable mermaids decorating the prow.


The wise and salty sea dog is familiar with the local waters and is a master of the tides. He probably ran away to sea at fifteen and served on square rigged sailing ships. He has rounded Cape Horn so many times that he has lost count. His skin all wrinkled and weathered by sun and salt sea spray he has risen to the rank of bosun before quitting the ocean and settling down as harbour pilot in his own home port.


The Sea Horse (Hippocampus) is actually a type of tube fish with a snout resembling a horse's head. It has a coiled tail which it uses to attach itself to seaweed so that it can feed on small shrimps and plankton as they float by. The wandering sea horse is found in many of the world's warm and shallow oceans and is a universally recognised symbol of the sea. It is unusual in that the male seahorse takes on the responsibility of looking after the young which he stores in a pouch on his belly.


The lighthouse, which indicates the edge of the sea, just at the point where land intrudes into the ocean. Built to warn sailors of the proximity of rocks, reefs or sandbanks and to emit its bright beam of light through fog and sea mist. The first lighthouses were little more than beacon fires on headlands from which they progressed to blazing fires on top of large towers. The advent of electricity has enabled powerful lights to be constructed sending out beams of light visible up to 50 miles away. Many are now automatic, switching themselves on or off by remote signal as the weather and time of day dictate. Manned lighthouses occupied by two or three men for up to a month at a lime are becoming veiy rare as the automatic systems take over.


The fast tea clipper Cutty Sark, an ocean going racehorse. All the major voyages of discovery, the first circumnavigations of the world and the great migrations of people from continent to continent were undertaken by sail. Sails and oars were the only means of sea travel from the earliest times and the fast tea clipper was the ultimate mode of fast sea travel before steam power was introduced. Capable of making the journey from Shanghai to London in 107 days the Cutty Sark was the fastest vessel constantly "clipping" time off the established schedules in the 1870's. The opening of the Suez Canal and the introduction of steam power ended the great days of these fast clipper ships.

Gewicht (w/s) Höhe Sockel
K 88 g / 92 g 133 mm 37 mm
D 70 g / 70 g 119 mm 38 mm
T 47 g / 44 g 92 mm 36 mm
L 72 g / 72 g 114 mm 36 mm
S 55 g / 51 g 104 mm 38 mm
B 39 g / 39 g 68 mm 38 mm
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Hersteller Weible
Gewicht 2,85 kg
Königshöhe 13,3 cm
Helle Figuren natur
Dunkle Figuren rotbraun
Behältnis Geschenkkarton
Materialart Speckstein
Figureneigenschaften Filz

Schachfiguren "Nautik"