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The Full English Opening

Mastering the Fundamentals

464 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2018.

25,95 €
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The first one-volume book that covers all variations

The English Opening (1.c4) is a popular choice at both club and master level, because it is a chess opening that suits all styles. Elite players as diverse as Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana and Vishy Anand include it in their repertoire. As White you can play aggressively or opt for a more strategic approach, depending on what kind of middlegame positions you are looking for.

For a club player who wants to reap the benefits of this multipurpose opening, understanding is much more important than deep theoretical knowledge. The Full English Opening teaches the fundamentals and is the first one-volume book that covers all major variations.

Carsten Hansen dedicates special attention to the transition into the early middlegame. You will learn how to identify specific plans, determine your strategic goals and find positional and tactical targets.

Supported by examples and exercises, you will be able to enjoy the greatest asset of the English Opening: its versatility. It will serve you well in any mood, against any type of opponent, in any tournament situation.

Carsten Hansen is a Danish FIDE Master and FIDE Trainer and an acclaimed author. He has written extensively on the English Opening and has a lifetime of experience with the opening.


Sprache Englisch
Autor Hansen, Carsten
Verlag New in Chess
Auflage 1.
Medium Buch
Gewicht 850 g
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 23,5 cm
Seiten 464
ISBN-13 978-9056917548
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Einband kartoniert


007 Foreword

011 Part I 1.c4 e5

012 Chapter 1 Early...Bb4

032 Chapter 2 Black plays ...c7-c6 early

047 Chapter 3 Reversed Closed Sicilians

060 Chapter 4 King’s Indian set-ups

071 Chapter 5 Black plays 2...f5 or 3...f5 - White counters with d2-d4

089 Chapter 6 Other ... f7-f5 lines

105 Chapter 7 Four Knights without 4.g3

126 Chapter 8 Four Knights with 4.g3 - no ...d7-d5!

150 Chapter 9 Reversed Dragon Variation

166 Chapter 10 Three Knights

176 Chapter 11 Why 2.g3 ?

177 Part II Symmetrical English

178 Chapter 12 Pure Symmetrical - without \u9816?f3

189 Chapter 13 Pure Symmetrical - with \u9816?f3

212 Chapter 14 Asymmetrical lines

228 Chapter 15 Rubinstein Variation

240 Chapter 16 Anti-Benoni with ... e7-e6

257 Chapter 17 Anti-Benoni without ... e7-e6

269 Chapter 18 Three Knight specialties

277 Chapter 19 Hedgehog & Double Fianchetto

298 Chapter 20 Various Minor Hedgehogs

309 Part III Indian, Slav, Dutch

310 Chapter 21 Flohr-Mikenas Attack

324 Chapter 22 Nimzo-like

341 Chapter 23 Grünfeld-like

361 Chapter 24 Slav-like

378 Chapter 25 Réti-like

397 Chapter 26 Dutch-like

407 Chapter 27 English Defence

412 Chapter 28 Solutions to Exercises

443 Index of players

458 Index of variations

464 Bibliography


The Full English Opening