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  1. 2017
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Announcements from editors and manufacturers

Informations from editors uncertain

Here you will find all products announced by editors and manufacturers.

We want to point out that the informations given are often uncertain. Delays from 1 to 2 years had happened as well by books as by computers. Also some announced books never became published.

How to handle announced products

You can put announced products into your shopping cart and also order them. By orders at invoice, COD or credit card we will send you the goods right after availability. At payment in advance we will first inform you by e-mail.

If you order articles in stock and announced articles at the same time, we hope you''ll understand that we are forced to charge the delivery costs separately.

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  1. Art.-No.: LMMEYMDS
    Claus Dieter Meyer, Karsten Müller 328 pages, hardback with picking belt, Beyer, 1. edition 2018.
  2. Art.-No.: LOCHEAD
    Maxim Chetverik, Nikolai Kalienchenko 543 pages, hardback, Russian Chess House, 1. edition 2018.
    A Complete Guide More Information
  3. Art.-No.: LXALECGC01
    Alexander Alekhine 359 pages, hardback, Russian Chess House, 1. edition.
    with his own annotations More Information
  4. Art.-No.: LXGOLTPFCP2C
    Victor Golenishchev 320 pages, hardback, Russian Chess House, 1. edition 2018.
    (ELO 1400-1800) More Information
  5. Art.-No.: LMKALGCCMT
    Alexander Kalinin 396 pages, hardback, Russian Chess House, 1. edition 2017.
  6. Art.-No.: LXSMITWM
    Axel Smith, Hans Tikkanen 392 pages, hardback, Quality, 1. edition 2018.
  7. Art.-No.: CXMCL
    Special offer
  8. Art.-No.: LOLEMTQG
    Damian Lemos paperback, Everyman, 1. edition 2018.
  9. Art.-No.: LXSHIODMH
    Alexei Shirov 275 pages, paperback, Thinkers Publishing, 1. edition 2017.

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9 Item(s)

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