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Art.-No.: SXCM9000
Out of Production

ChessMaster 9000

Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

This product is not available any more, neither at the manufacturer/publisher nor at Schach Niggemann, and it is not possible for us to order this article otherwise.

Englische Version mit englischem Handbuch!

Minimum System Requirements

CHESSMASTER 9000 does not officially support Windows® 95 or 2000

Pentium II 450 or AMD K6-3 500

Windows 98/ME 64 MB RAM (128 MB RAM recommended)

Windows XP 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended)

DirectX 8.1-compatible video card (Includes support for high-end 3D video cards)

300 MB hard drive space

Windows-compatible mouse

Internet connection for play on (minimum 56k modem or broadband)

Table of Content

04 Introduction

04 QuickStart!

04 Minimum System Requirements

04 Installing CHESSMASTER 9000

05 Starting CHESSMASTER 9000

05 Logging in as a Player

06 Viewing Player Information

06 Puzzle of the Day

06 Defining Your Room Environment

07 How to Design Your Playing Area

08 Opening and Saving Playing Area Layouts

08 Selecting a Chess Set

08 Using the CHESSMASTER Windows

10 Configuring Your Chessboard

11 Flipping Your Chessboard

11 Using a True-3D Chessboard

12 Setting Up Sounds, Voice, and Effects

12 Activating Narrated Features

13 Recording Moves with Algebraic Notation

13 The Game Room

13 QuickStart!

14 Setting Up Game Details

14 Choosing an Opponent

14 Creating a Custom Personality

17 Selecting a Time Control

18 How to Move Pieces and Start a Game

18 In-Game Options

20 Using the Game Status Window

22 Getting Advice

23 Using the Teaching Modes

25 Analyzing Games in the Game Room

25 Saving and Opening Games

26 Setting Up a Position

27 Game Analysis and Annotation

28 Visual Thinking and Thinking Lines

28 Gopying Games from Other Rooms

29 Entering Game Information

29 Solving for Mate

30 The Classroom

30 Specify Your Level of Instruction

30 Select and Run a Tutorial

31 Select and Run a Drill

31 Take a Rating Exam

31 Practice Your Openings

32 Learn From IM Josh Waitzkin

32 Match the Masters

33 Take the Larry Evans Endgame Quiz

34 Try John Nunn's Chess Puzzles

34 The Tournament Room

34 Play a Rated Game

35 Pause or End a Rated Game

36 Create and Run a Tournament

37 View and Print Tournament Results

38 Suspend, Adjourn, and Open Tournaments

39 The Library

39 Studying a Classic Game

40 Studying Chess Openings

41 Create Your Own Opening Book

43 The Kids' Room

43 Choosing Your Board and Chess Set

43 Learning to Play

44 QuickStart!

44 Working on Drills

44 Playing a Practice Game

46 Using the Actions Menu

46 Playing a Rated Game

46 Player Progress & Master Class Points

47 Saving and Opening Games

47 Learn from Josh Waitzkin

48 The Database Room

48 Displaying Game Details

51 Searching for Games

52 Working with Databases

55 The CHESSMASTER Live Room

55 Starting a CMLive Game on

56 TCP/IP and LAN Play

56 Challenging Another Player

58 Understanding the Rating System

59 Setting Up CMLive Sounds

59 Using the Online Information Window

62 Advanced Play Options in CHESSMASTER 9000

62 Playing a Blindfold Game

62 Playing a Random Game

62 Playing a Hidden Opponent

62 Playing vs. Another Chess Engine

64 Credits

67 Proof of Purchase Coupon

Warranty - inside back cover

Hotkeys - outside back cover

Language English
Author de Koning, Johan
Manufacturer Ubisoft
Medium CD
Functions 3D board, ECO display, ECO-classification, ELO evaluation, layout configurable, library extendable, online help, opening name, position tree, style configurable, transpostions
Sound Board Yes
Copy Protection CD as Dongle
Required CPU min. Pentium

ChessMaster 9000