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The 100 Endgames You Must Know Workbook

288 pages, paperback, New in Chess, 1. edition 2019.

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Jesus de la Villa’s worldwide bestseller 100 Endgames You Must Know successfully debunked the myth that endgame theory is complex and that endgame books are tedious. Reviewers praised its clarity and completeness and thousands of players dramatically improved their endgame understanding (and their results!).

In recent years, De la Villa’s students sometimes complained that when they had to apply what they had studied in 100 Endgames, they didn’t always have the material ready at their fingertips. De la Villa then made an important discovery: most of the errors his students made are being made by others as well, even by strong and sometimes famous chess players!

De la Villa started collecting training material and selected those exercises best suited to retain and improve your knowledge and avoid common errors. In this book the Spanish grandmaster presents hundreds of exercises grouped according to the various chapters in 100 Endgames. Solving these puzzles will drive home the most important ideas, refresh your knowledge and improve your technique.

This book contains a massive amount of clear, concise and easy-to-follow chess endgame instruction. The advice De la Villa gives in the solutions is practical and useful. Ideal for every post-beginner, club player and candidate master who wishes to win more games.

Jesus de la Villa (1958) is an International Grandmaster born in Spain. He has won the Spanish Championship twice and is a well-known chess coach. De la Villa is the author of the world famous bestseller 100 Endgames You Must Know.


Language English
Author de la Villa, Jesus
Publisher New in Chess
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 550 g
Width 17.1 cm
Height 23.5 cm
Pages 288
ISBN-13 978-9056918170
Year of Publication 2019
Binding paperback


006 Explanation of symbols

007 Introduction

013 Chapter 1 - Basic endings

018 Chapter 2 - Knight vs. pawn

021 Chapter 3 - Queen vs. pawn

024 Chapter 4 - Rook vs. pawn

033 Chapter 5 - Rook vs. two pawns

037 Chapter 6 - Same-coloured bishops: bishop + pawn vs. bishop

040 Chapter 7 - Bishop vs. knight: one pawn on the board

044 Chapter 8 - Opposite-coloured bishops: bishop + two pawns vs. bishop

050 Chapter 9 - Rook + pawn vs. rook

062 Chapter 10 - Rook + two pawns vs. rook

067 Chapter 11 - Pawn endings

078 Chapter 12 - Other material relations

085 Chapter 13 - Appendix

091 Chapter 14 - Solutions to exercises

283 Index of players

Grandmaster Matthew Sadler, former British Champion:

"Buy it and read it! De la Villa does a truly wonderful job of explaining useful endgames in a calm and measured manner that is clear enough for any strength of player to understand while still being interesting for stronger players. If you’ve never read an endgame book before, this is the one you should start with."


The 100 Endgames You Must Know Workbook