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Announcement for Mar 22, 2019

The Modernized French Defense - Volume 1

Thinkers Publishing, 1. edition 2019.

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Here we are, together on this page, both interested in the French Defence with 3.Nc3 Bb4. Before telling you what you can learn from this opening, let me tell you a little story about my journey in the French. I started playing the French after reading John Watson’s Play the French, which improved my play a lot. I learned that the French is a positional yet concrete opening, and many of my young opponents couldn’t grasp its subtleties. Moreover, many opponents were far less prepared against 1 ... e6 than against 1 ... c5 or 1 ... e5. Unfortunately those days would end.

During the 2008 Dutch Youth Championships (U20), I understood that everyone would throw 7.Qg4 in the Winawer at me. In that respect, my opening preparation was simple: I’d study the Winawer for Black very intensively and the problem would be solved. In reality, I faced many difficulties. Novelties I’d find in the evenings were promptly refuted by the engine the next morning; I was constantly thinking about the French, but I couldn’t quite make it work. There was this strange, inexplicable feeling in my stomach, some might call “butterflies”. I had fallen in love with a chess line! Despite my two losses in the crucial games, I still believed I had a great repertoire with countless novelties to show for it.


Language English
Author Miedema, David
Publisher Thinkers Publishing
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 830 g
ISBN-13 9789492510495
Year of Publication 2019


004 Key to Symbols & Bibliography

007 Preface

011 PART I - Deviations Before Move Seven

013 Chapter 1 - 4.Qg4?! (The Impatient Queen)

021 Chapter 2 - 4.Qd3 (The Clever Queen)

033 Chapter 3 - 4.a3 (Doubled Pawn Warfare)

043 Chapter 4 - 4.Ne2 (Knights Before Bishops)

057 Chapter 5 - 4.exd5 (The Winawer Exchange Variation)

067 Chapter 6 - 4.e5 Ne7 5.Qg4 (The Slightly Less Impatient Queen)

075 Chapter 7 - 5.Bd2 b6! (Breaking The Pin)

081 Chapter 8 - 5.a3 Bxc3+ 6.bxc3 b6 (Bad Bishop Incoming)

099 PART II -The Main Lines

101 Chapter 9 - 7.Nf3?! & Other 7th Moves (Tutti Frutti)

109 Chapter 10 - 7.a4 (Dark Square Ambition)

127 Chapter 11 - 7.h4 (The Edgy-Edge Pawn)

143 Chapter 12 - 7.Qg4 Qc7 8.Bd3 (Poison? No, Thanks!)

163 Chapter 13 - 10th Move Alternatives & 10.Kd1 (Max Euwe’s Move)

179 Chapter 14 - 10.Ne2 dxc3 11th & 12th Move Options (Nxc3 Systems)

213 Chapter 15 - 12.h4!? (The Bazooka Line)

237 Chapter 16 - 12.Qd3 (Old Town, New Playground)


The Modernized French Defense - Volume 1