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Vladimir Kramnik

256 pages, hardback, Quality, 1. edition 2018.

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Vladimir Kramnik is one of the greatest chess players of all time. From 2000 to 2007, the Russian held the title of Classical World Chess Champion. He contributed significantly to the reunification of the world title, set trends in numerous opening systems, and remains one of the strongest and most influential players on the planet.

This book tells the remarkable story of Kramnik’s top-level clashes, while providing an exciting view behind the scenes of the chess world. Added to this are Kramnik’s own comments on some of his most memorable games, as well as numerous colour photographs.

“Art and chess are just different fields, in which the same poetry finds expression.” – Vladimir Kramnik, 14th World Chess Champion

“Vladimir Kramnik is one of the most talented players, perhaps THE most talented player, whom I have met in my chess career... There are some positions, like for example with the bishop pair or with a central passed pawn, which he played as if with divine inspiration.” – Artur Yusupov

Carsten Hensel is a sports manager, event organizer and journalist, who was Kramnik’s long-time manager.


Language English
Author Hensel, Carsten
Publisher Quality
Edition 1.
Medium Book
Weight 490 g
Width 15.4 cm
Height 21.7 cm
Pages 256
ISBN-13 978-1784830762
Year of Publication 2018
Binding hardback


005 Prologue

009 Chess Geniuses and the Fine Arts

019 The Pride of a Whole City

030 A Chaotic Genius

043 Metamorphosis and Millennial Victory

068 The Monster of Bahrain

085 Passion and Suffering

108 The Unification of the Chess World

140 The Loss of the Chess Crown

152 The Last Great Duel and the Future

166 Grandmaster to Grandmaster

175 Photo Section

193 Epilogue


197 Portraits of the World Champions

215 World Chess Championships since 1886

221 The World Championship Games of Vladimir Kramnik

241 Bibliography

243 Glossary

248 Acknowledgements

250 The Author & Photo Credits

251 Name Index

Vladimir Kramnik