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Art.-Nr.: SGGP2

Go Professional II

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Go is over 4000 years old, and is widely recognised as the oldest board game in existence. It is a game of surrounding and territorial advantage; the board represents the uninhabited world bound on all sides by the seashore. The rules are simple, yet play is complex, subtle and intuitive.

In Japan, Go Professional II has held the number one position in the Go market for over two years now. It was recently voted literally the strongest game of Go available in Japan.

  • Most powerful yet simple-to-use Go playing program

  • Internet play option

  • Sophisticated user interface which allows a high degree of customisation

  • Suitable for beginners and experts alike

  • Play against human or computer

  • Selection of board and backdrop graphics

  • Hint option

  • Selection of background music

  • Take back / forwards to any point in the game

  • A range of board sizes available

  • Various different skill and handicap levels

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Hersteller Oxford Softworks
Medium CD
Funktionen Alternativzüge
Betriebssystem Windows 95

Go Professional II