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Grandmaster Opening Preparation

272 Seiten, kartoniert, Quality, 1. Auflage 2018

25,99 €
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There are hundreds of opening books available, full of deep analysis, but many of them fail to explain the reasons for choosing one computer line over another. And how top players distinguish between good and bad opening lines remains a mystery to most of the chess world.

Grandmaster Opening Preparation addresses such questions as how to balance computer preparation with human considerations, along with a wealth of practical advice on how to go about building the opening repertoire which is right for you. The book also provides an in-depth treatment of the evolution in understanding of Isolated Queen’s Pawn positions, which will enable the reader to become more effective in a multitude of openings, with either colour.

Jaan Ehlvest is an Estonian-American grandmaster, a former Estonian Champion, and a former Soviet and European Junior Champion. Ehlvest is also an Olympiad Gold medallist and has been ranked in the top five in the world.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 510 g
Hersteller Quality
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 24 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Autor Jan Ehlvest
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1-78483-052-6
Seiten 272
Einband kartoniert

003 Preface

006 Key to Symbols used

007 1 Introduction

010 Overview of the opening problem

011 Brief history

019 2 Evolution of the Isolated Pawn

023 Siegbert Tarrasch

036 Paul Keres

048 Anatoly Lein

056 Boris Spassky

072 Garry Kasparov

095 Application of classical ideas

109 Exercises

113 Solutions

125 3 Key Ideas and Positions

135 Opening concepts

153 The critical or key position in the opening

156 Critical positions in the Scheveningen

158 Sozin Attack

168 Keres Attack

173 Positional ideas

187 4 Computer Preparation versus Human Common Sense

207 5 Modern Trends in the Opening

211 6 Memorizing Opening Lines

221 7 Overview of Critical Positions

221 Some final thoughts about the opening

221 Critical positions for White after 1.e4

224 Sicilian Defence

226 Closed systems for White

229 8 How to Build Your Opening Repertoire

229 The beginner

235 The tournament player

236 Pre-professional level

247 Professional level

252 Psychological warfare in chess

258 Opening repertoire for women

262 Game Index

266 Name Index

271 Opening Index

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