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Kupreichik: The Maestro from Minsk

325 Seiten, gebunden, Chess and Bridge, 1. Auflage 2021

32,95 €
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“Playing against him was always interesting: he was an exciting and creative player.” - Anatoly Karpov, 12th world champion

Kupreichik: The Maestro from Minsk features tributes to the legendary attacker from those who regularly faced him at the board, including Alexander Beliavsky, Oleg Romanishin, Evgeny Sveshnikov and Vladimir Tukmakov. Kupreichik also inspired the next generation, as the contributions of Boris Gelfand, Garry Kasparov, Andrey Kovalev and Rauf Mamedov reveal.

Our picture of Viktor Kupreichik is completed by a series of pen portraits from his family, which make clear the kind and principled man this hero of Belarusian chess was, as well as his love for the 64 squares.

Translated by Ken Neat, this work is also a collection of Kupreichik’s best games, many annotated by the man himself. His wins over Tal and Zilbershtein are legendary examples of the power of a knight sacrifice on d5 in the Open Sicilian. Inside you will learn not just about handling Kupreichik’s favourite Classical Sicilian, Slav and King’s Indian, but attacking and sacrificial chess in general. Readers even have the chance to solve 26 positions and so play like Kupreichik!

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 730 g
Hersteller Chess and Bridge
Breite 17,5 cm
Höhe 24,8 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Autor Victor Kupreichik
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 9870948443961
Seiten 325
Einband gebunden

005 Foreword to English Edition - Genna Sosonko

006 Foreword to the Russian Edition - Anastasia Sorokina

Part One: The Hussar from Minsk

008 Friendship Made by a Moscow Blizzard - Anatoly Karpov

010 The Uncompromising Kupreichik - Alexey Suetin

013 When Interaction Enriches - Yuri Balashov

016 He was a Very Open Person - Oleg Romanishin

018 A Memorable First Meeting - Alexander Beliavsky

022 The Dynamics of an Important Structure - Ratmir Kholmov

027 The Story of a Provocation - Anatoly Bykhovsky

043 Without Fear and Calculation - Vladimir Tukmakov

056 Classic to the Rescue - Vyacheslav Dydyshko

061 The Hussar from Minsk - Genna Sosonko

069 A Crushing Defeat - Boris Gelfand

075 In a Daredevil Manner - Alexey Bezgodov

082 Will He See It, Or Not? - Garry Kasparov

089 Don’t Cling on to the Pawn - Ashot Nadanian

094 Kuprey’s Records - Adrian Mikhalchishin

101 Chess Troublemaker - Evgeny Sveshnikov

106 Cavalier without Fear and Reproach - Ilya Smirin

109 Under an Overcoat - Alexey Alexandrov

115 Legend of Combinative Play - Dmitry Kryavkin

130 Kupreichik and Houdini - Andrey Kovalev

143 Symbol of Attacking Play - Sergey Zhigalko

152 Favourite King’s Indians -Vladislav Kovalev

161 Visiting Card of the Pre-Computer Era - Rauf Mamedov

169 Two Encounters with Alexander Vaulin - Alexander Motylev

178 Part Two: Selected Games

292 Part Three: Play like Kupreichik!

Part Four: Memories of His Closest Family

305 He had a lot of Love for People - Olga Sorokina (Kupreichik)

310 Only He did not Return from the Battle - Anastasia Sorokina

314 Dad, is this Right or Wrong? - Ustina Kupreichik

318 Solutions

322 Index of Openings

323 Index of Opponents