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Schachbrett World Chess/Schach-WM

Ahorn/Rosenholz, 50 cm
149,50 €
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World Chess Championship FIDE approved tournament board

(price valid only for the board; chess pieces not included!).

World Chess Championship Chess Set Launched with the approval of FIDE (the World Chess Federation

The 2013 World Chess Championship kicked off on 15 th March with the Candidates Tournament in London and a much anticipated unveiling of a 21 st Century ‘World Chess makeover’ by Agon, the company accorded the long-term, exclusive rights to organise and commercialise the World Chess Championship Cycle by FIDE (the World Chess Federation).

Agon has selected spectacular venues in major world cities to provide dramatic backdrops to stage chess before a live audience. Cutting-edge data visualisation technology and a new online interactive format will transform chess into a global spectator sport, aimed at reaching the 600 million people around the world who play chess.

This 21 st Century reinvention of a game generally believed to date back as far as 6 th century India, extends as far as creating an official range of FIDE approved World Chess, Chess Sets. The first of which, the official Championship Set, was launched at the Opening Ceremony for the London Candidates Tournament on 14 th March. The Championship Set represents an inspired collaboration between Agon, revered architect, industrial designer and Royal College of Art Senior Fellow, Daniel Weil of Pentagram Design and one of the UK’s oldest and most respected traditional games companies, Yorkshire based Studio Anne Carlton.

Weil was commissioned to design a World Chess Championship Chess Set that afforded more than a respectful nod to the Staunton set required for competition play, whilst simultaneously stylishly challenging the traditional norm. And who better to skilfully interpret Weil’s unique design utilising highly accomplished traditional craftsmen, than Studio Anne Carlton, a world leading brand that has spearheaded the production of chess sets and classic games since 1969 and today showcases globally one of the most comprehensive ranges.

The height and bases of the pieces are defined by the classical Staunton set. It is only the Knights that differ; as defenders of the King and Queen and the only pieces that ‘jump’ over others, the base does follow the form of the others, but also resembles an equestrian hoof.

The ‘human’ pieces; King, Queen, Bishop and Pawn have hierarchical collars as indicators of nobility and piece value and have both a sculptural dimension and functional one, allowing players to hold the piece with ‘South hold’.

The heads are figurative and functional. A new crown for the King, a refined jewel for the top of the Queen’s crown and a vazier’s head dress or bishop’s mitre for the bishop. These heads allow players to hold the piece with ‘North hold’ for the simple classic move. The Rooks have a pure architectural form.

The felt beneath the pieces has been changed too. Green baize, the most common material beneath chess pieces, signified how chess had become a parlour game in the Victorian era along with cards, billiards and dice. This has been replaced with black and white felt to give chess its own construct and consistency.

FIDE is pleased to endorse the new Championship Chess Set for World Chess. A representative commented; “The new set will be welcomed by professionals and amateurs alike and can be used both in tournaments and club play. Whilst retaining the traditional Staunton look it has been modernised with new design lines and will be used in all major FIDE events.

Agon founder, Andrew Paulson explains; "At its purest, chess is an intellectual pursuit which requires nothing: no pieces, no board, no aesthetic, no narrative, just thought with closed eyes! We are working to ornament, embroider, embellish, to introduce ceremony and the sacred. Pentagram Design was the place to start, to create a mark, an abstraction and a signifier for World Chess. Then, inspired by Daniel Weil's drawings, we chose Studio Anne Carlton to take the next step: a revolutionary, yet definitive, chess set; there never needs to be another."

Studio Anne Carlton managing director, Michael Lee, comments; “Thanks to Agon World Chess is on the cusp of a new era, set to reignite global audiences and inspire a new generation. World Chess is building a team including Studio Anne Carlton to deliver exactly that.&rdquo

World Chess Championship FIDE offiziell autorisiertes Brett

(Figuren nicht im Preis enthalten!)

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 2,7 kg
Hersteller SAC
Höhe 13 mm
Feldgröße 50 mm
Brettgröße 50 cm
Bretteigenschaften Intarsie, Zierader
Helle Felder Ahorn
Dunkle Felder Rosenholz
Materialart Brett Holz