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Small Steps 2 Success (pb)

Mastering Passed Pawn Play

360 Seiten, kartoniert, Quality, 1. Auflage 2020

29,95 €
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Pawn play is a fundamental aspect of chess strategy, yet often neglected in chess literature. In this, his second book on pawn play, Super-GM Sam Shankland sheds light on the vital topic of Passed Pawns.

Passed pawns - whether connected, lone or protected - are common occurrences in middlegames and endgames, and your effectiveness in playing with or against them will make the difference between victory and defeat. Just like in his previous book, Shankland breaks down each topic into a series of crystal-clear guidelines to aid the reader.

Sam Shankland is a world-class Grandmaster and a mainstay of the US national team. He won the 2018 US Championship and is a double Olympiad gold medallist with a 2700+ rating.
Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 670 g
Hersteller Quality
Breite 16 cm
Höhe 22,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Autor Sam Shankland
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1-78483-089-2
Seiten 360
Einband kartoniert
004 Key to symbols used
005 Preface
009 Introduction
015 Part I - Passed Pawns in the Middlegame
017 1. Identical Twins
039 2. Unstoppable and Immovable
065 3. Single and Happy
087 4. Single on Valentine’s Day
113 5. Safety and Inevitability
133 6. Divide and Conquer
155 Part II - Passed Pawns in the Endgame
157 7. Inevitable Graduation
183 8. Slowing the Invasion
213 9. Support Your Local Vigilante
239 10 Dealing with the Last Man Standing
263 11. The Rack
283 12. Building a Smaller Home
309 13. My Pawn is Bigger than Yours
327 14. Long Distance Relationships
352 Game Index
356 Name Index
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