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Ktulu 8

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Ktulu is the main chess program, its use is easy and self understood. The Interface can be modified greatly to your own wishes. Ktulu uses the ChessPartner interface. The program can be started from the Ktulu shortcut on the desktop or from the Start menu. This will start the ChessPartner program and always loads the Ktulu engine. It's also possible to start ChessPartner with the ChessPartner shortcut, in that case it loads the last selected engine. Pressing the F1 button accesses the online manual.

Multi Variation mode is controlled by the + and - buttons in the statistics window. Clicking + or - increases/decreases the number of variations displayed. Note that increasing the number of variations will slow down the program; therefore this should only be used for game analysis.

Engine Research Tool is a utility to play automatic matches against various other chess engines. The program can be started from the shortcut on the desktop or from the start menu.

Engine Import Wizard is a tool to import Winboard or UCI compatible engines into the ChessPartner GUI. The tool is accessed from the Extra -" Engine Import Wizard.. Menu.

Compatibility The Ktulu engine is UCI and Winboard compatible; this makes it possible to run the engine under other chess interfaces. The engine has been tested under Arena and Chessbase, although it has been tested and is known to work we only guarantee proper functioning under ChessPartner. The engine can be found in the engines directory below the installation directory.

Book Converter is a tool that can create opening books from PGN or LDB databases. The tool can also be used to convert Rebel format MVS books. The tool can be started from the Extra -" Book Import menu.

Thematic books The CD-ROM contains a number of thematic opening books, to use them copy the files from the CD-ROM to the installation directory. The books are in ChessPartner GUI format and need the Use GUI books Option to be enabled.

Older Version engines For collectors we have included a number of older versions of the Ktulu engine. You can find these on the CD-ROM in the OldEngines directory. See the readme files in that directory for installation instruction. The old versions are not supported.

Ktulu by Rahman Paidar is a strong chess game with playing strength comparable to Gandalf 6. Ktulu has a unique active and interesting playing style and a strong endgame, even without the use of tablebases. Includes the full ChessPartner 5.3 interface.

Play Chess on the Internet Ktulu offers the possibility to play against people anywhere on the globe. Using Chess Servers, you can challenge and play against your favorite opponents.

UCI and Winboard compatible The engine is UCI and Winboard compatible. This makes it possible not only to use the engine with the ChessPartner interface but also inother interfces supporting the UCI or Winboard protocol.

MultiVariation mode In this mode the engine not only looks for the best move, but for the best 'n' moves. This feature is handy for game analysis.

System requirements: PIII 500 or better, 64 MB RAM, 1 GB Hard disk. W98/Me/NT4/W2K/XP pro or home.

Ktulu 8 wird mit der Chess Partner Oberfläche geliefert und ist damit eigenständig lauffähig.

Da es sich um eine UCI-Engine handelt, kann Ktulu auch in anderen GUIs (Programmoberflächen) wie beispielsweise Fritz (ab Version 8), Shredder (ab Version 8) und ChessBase 9 eingebunden werden.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 100 g
Hersteller Lokasoft
Medium CD
Autor Rahman Paidar
Betriebssystem Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Sprache Englisch
Kopierschutz Unbegrenzte Installationen
Soundkartenunterstützung Nein
Brettanschlüsse DGT-Brett
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