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Master Chess 6000, Nalimov+Ultimate Game Collect.

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Master Chess 6000 Contains new graphics and a new interface that allow super large 2D chess boards for very large monitors. Five new piece sets including Krill, Merida, Linares, Hastings, and Zurich. Challenge the Ruffian chess engine rated at 2671 at standard chess & over 3000 at Blitz chess. Includes Fischer clock. MasterChess contains the easiest to use database system that searches for games by player

names, ECO codes, move orders & results. Use a GM statistical tree, analyze games, import and export PGN files, export board graphics and more.

Ultimate Game Collection 7

Contains over 1.4 Million games of Master quality through October 2006 including the Kramnik vs. Topalov World Championship match. The games are indexed for fast searches. Newer PGN games can be imported for free from the web at This Week In Chess and other sites. Contains demonstrations of Bookup, Chess School Advance, ICC Blitzin software, Chess Mentor, and CT-Art.

Nalimov Table Base

Using the MasterChess 6000 Chess engine "Ruffian," this 7GB database of endgames allows you to play and analyze perfect endgames with 5 pieces or less. This is the ultimate tool for studying endgame theory.

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