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Tactical Training


308 Seiten, kartoniert, 1. Auflage 2013

22,95 €
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> List of contents and foreword (PDF)


This book is one part of a tactical series. Besides enabling self-education, it helps trainers and school chess instructors to make their pupils acquire and practice a combinational and tactical approach to chess.

Compiling the tasks I used the best works available in the topic. My experience collected in my own praxis also aided me in gathering the examples. I have tried to collect the most important and frequent tactical types. Although this book only deals with the fundamentals of tactics, there will be a sequel to it, so you’ll be able to learn the science of chess magic.

A word about myself:

I am an international master, and have been working as a trainer in Hungarian junior chess life for a long time.

The best-known of my pupils are Ildikó Mádl, Judit and Sophie Polgár, the members of the two-time Olympic gold medallist team; Gledura Benjamin, age group European Champion etc.

Have a good time studying my book!

András Mészáros

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 500 g
Breite 18,3 cm
Höhe 26 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Autor Andras Meszaros
Sprache Englisch, Figurinen
Auflage 1
Seiten 308
Einband kartoniert

003 Table of contents

003 Foreword

003 Symbols

003 Tactics

004 Recognizing tactics

005 Tactical motifs

006 Major tactical ideas

012 Double attack (double threat)

013 Pawn fork

018 Pawn Fork - miniature games

020 Double attack "knight fork"

022 Double attack with a knight

024 Double attack with a knight, with attraction

025 Attraction with a stronger piece

026 Double attack with a knight, with attraction. Examples

028 Double attack with a knight - miniature games

029 Double attack on the diagonals

031 Double attack on the diagonals. Examples

033 Double attack on the diagonals Q

034 Double attack on the diagonals Q Examples

036 Double attack on the diagonals - miniature games

037 Double attack on files, ranks

038 Double attack with a rook

040 Double attack with a rook. Examples

042 Double attack with a rook, with attraction

043 Double attack with a rook, with attraction, deflection.

044 Double attack with a rook, with attraction, deflection- Examples

045 Double attack with the queen

047 Double attack with the queen. Examples

050 Double attack with the queen - miniature games

052 Double attack with attraction

054 Skewer

055 Skewer. Examples

057 Skewer - miniature games

058 Weakly protected pieces

059 Weakly protected pieces. Examples

061 Pin

062 Arrange pins

063 Exploit the pin

064 Pin - miniature games

066 Pin. Real pins, pseudo-pins

068 Pseudo-pin

069 Cross-pin

070 Arrange cross-pins

071 Pinning to a square

072 Exploiting the pins to squares

073 Discovered attack (discovery)

076 Discovered attack (discovery)

077 Discovered attack (discovered check)

078 Discovered check

079 Discovered attack - miniature games

080 Windmill

082 Windmill. Examples

083 Windmill - miniature games

084 Double check

085 Double check. Examples.

086 Double check and mate

087 Double check and mate. Examples.

089 Double check - miniature games

090 Trapping, surrounding

091 Simple piece trappings

092 Surrounding

094 Trapping, surrounding. Examples

096 Trapping, surrounding - miniature games

097 Destroying the Defence, removing the defender

100 Destroying the Defence, removing the defender. Examples

101 Destroying the Defence, removing the defender. - miniature games

102 Blocking the Defence

104 X-Ray attack. (Indirect attack through another piece)

106 X-Ray attack. Examples

108 Tactics to save the game

109 Perpetual check

111 Perpetual check. Examples.

112 Perpetual attack

114 Perpetual attack. Exercises!

115 Stalemate combinations

117 Stalemate combinations. Examples

119 Forcing a theoretical draw

120 Forcing a theoretical draw. Examples

121 Pawn promotion

123 Pawn promotion. Examples

124 Pawn promotion - miniature games

125 Sacrifices

126 Pawn sacrifice

128 Pawn sacrifice. Examples.

130 Knight sacrifice

132 Knight sacrifice, examples!

134 Bishop sacrifice

136 Bishop sacrifice. Examples

138 Rook sacrifice

140 Rook sacrifice. Examples

142 Queen sacrifice

143 Queen sacrifice mating attack

145 Queen sacrifice - winning material

146 Queen sacrifice - saving the game

147 Queen sacrifice. Examples

150 Sacrifices - miniature games

155 Solutions

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