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The Art of the King's Indian

349 Seiten, gebunden, Russian Chess House, 2014

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This book is a comprehensive 2014 update of the classic manual on the King’s Indian Defence by Eduard Gufeld.

The King's Indian is one of the most exciting ways for Black to play against 1.d4. It has been a regular feature in the games of great attackers like Mikhail Tal, Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov, all of whom have used it to create the type of unbalanced positions which every aggressive player likes.

The KID remains a very popular choice at club level as well.

Variations covered in this book include Sämisch Variation, Classical Variation, Four Pawns Attack, as well as many sidelines.

This is by far Gufeld's best book ever, and it offers one of the best explanations avalaible of the principles, the ideas, the strategies and the tactical patterns of the Kings Indian. This NEW edition has been improved, expanded and updated thoroughly by IM Stetsko.

With a Foreword by Garry Kasparov.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 530 g
Hersteller Russian Chess House
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
Autor Eduard GufeldOleg Stetsko
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-13 978-5946933605
Seiten 349
Einband gebunden

004 Garry Kasparov. Through the prism of time

006 Oleg Stetsko. My friend Eduard Gufeld

009 Part 1. A Lifetime of the King’s Indian

009 Preface

012 Sämisch Variation

013 The search for a reply

033 My Main Variation

077 Classical Variation

078 7.0-0

108 7.d5

122 7.Be3

127 Averbakh Variation

146 Deviations from the Averbakh Variation

158 Bishop Fianchetto

159 Control of e4 - 7...Bf5

166 Attack on the centre - 7...e5

173 The flank attack 7...a6

174 The centre is not closed

183 Closed centre

187 Yugoslav Variation

195 Four Pawns Attack

208 Résumé

Part 2. Games by present-day romantics

211 Sämisch Variation

241 Classical Variation

241 7.0-0

285 7.d5

294 7.Be3

304 Averbakh Variation

309 Deviations from the Averbakh Variation

322 Bishop Fianchetto

338 Four Pawns Attack

344 Gufeld’s opponents

346 Index of games by romantics

347 Index of variations