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The Caro-Kann Defense - Classical Variation

390 Seiten, gebunden, Russian Chess House, 1. Auflage 2016

21,54 €
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For more than thirty years Anatoly Karpov has been wholly committed to the Classical Variation of the Caro-Kann at top tournaments, including world championship matches. It goes without saying that many successful opening novelties employed by the venerable world chess champion are the result of painstaking work performed by him and his seconds. One of his assistants, Mikhail Podgaets, was the leading specialist on the Caro-Kann. For many years Karpov and Podgaets held their findings in strict secrecy. Only now has the time come to shed a ray of light on their thorough research.

This publication focuses on the currently most popular system of the Caro-Kann (1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. Nc3 de 4. Ne4 Bf5). Once you crack open this book you'll explore the path taken by Karpov and Podgaets, step by step, move by move. This is the path of groundbreaking discoveries and stunning victories.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 590 g
Hersteller Russian Chess House
Breite 14,9 cm
Höhe 22,2 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Autor Anatoli KarpovMikhail Podgaets
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-5946935081
Seiten 390
Einband gebunden

003 Foreword

006 Index of Variations

Chapter One

010 The Gurgenidze Variation

Chapter two

016 The Campora Variation

Chapter Three

063 The Bareev Variation

Chapter Four

099 Tabiya. Old Interpretation

Chapter Five

144 Tabiya. New Interpretation

Chapter Six

282 Typical Endgames

316 Final Analysis

319 Illustrative Games

386 Game Index