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Understanding before Moving - Vol. 1-3

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784 Seiten, kartoniert, Thinkers Publishing

Aus der Reihe »Understanding before Moving«

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International Master Herman Grooten has over thirty-five years' experience as a professional chess trainer. Many of his pupils have gone on to become very strong players. The best known are grandmasters Loek van Wely, Robin Swinkels, Wouter Spoelman, Jan Werle and Benjamin Bok.

On a journalistic level he works at the popular schaaksite.nl. As an author he has released several books, of which Chess Strategy for Club Players won Chesscafe.coms 'Book of the Year' award in 2009. A revised and extended version of this book was published in 2017. Its successor, Attacking Chess for Club Players, published in 2016, also received great acclaim.

Club players love to study openings as so much material is available. However, it has often been shown that results do not match the amount of study invested, as in practice it is much harder to navigate your way around an opening when the opponent deviates from theory. This is why Herman treats the study of openings in a completely different way. He focuses on increasing insight. In those books he discusses the backgrounds of openings, provides guidelines and explains in an instructive and accessible way the basic principles of a position.

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Gewicht 1,18 kg
Hersteller Thinkers Publishing
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 23,5 cm
Medium Buch
Autor Herman Grooten
Reihe Understanding before Moving
Sprache Englisch
Seiten 784
Einband kartoniert

Part I (Ruy Lopez and Italian):

005 Explanation of symbols and bibliography

006 Animations and visual aids

007 Contents

007 Preface

009 Chapter 1: Studying of Openings

017 Chapter 2: Behind the Scenes of Openings

023 Chapter 3: Pawn Structures

037 Chapter 4: Overview of the Ruy Lopez

053 Chapter 5: Overview of the Italian Game

079 Chapter 6: Model Games

129 Chapter 7: Exercises

135 Chapter 8: Solutions

Part II (Queen's Gambit Structures):

005 Explanation of symbols and bibliography

006 Visual aids

007 Contents

007 Preface

009 Chapter 1: Studying of Openings

023 Chapter 2: Background of Openings

029 Chapter 3: Pawn Structures and Practical Examples

075 Chapter 4: Discussing Variations

131 Chapter 5: Model Games

191 Chapter 6: Exercises

201 Chapter 7: Solutions

225 Appendix

Part III (Sicilian Structures I):

004 Symbols and bibliography

005 Explanation of visual aids

006 Contents

007 Foreword

013 Chapter 1: Study of openings

019 Chapter 2: Background of the Sicilian

019 Section 2.1: Introduction

021 Section 2.2: Standard Tactics

048 Section 2.3: Typical Manoeuvres and Strategic Concepts

057 Section 2.4: The Origin of the Najdorf

066 Section 2.5: Fundamentals of the Scheveningen

069 Chapter 3: Model Games with the Najdorf

069 Section 3.1: Background of the Najdorf

070 Section 3.2: Variation Overview of the Najdorf

227 Chapter 4: Model Games with the Scheveningen

227 Section 4.1: Background of the Scheveningen

229 Section 4.2: Variation Overview of the Scheveningen

381 Chapter5: Exercises

386 Chapter6: Solutions

395 Game Index