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Wulu Go Champion for Windows

85,00 €
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Being the champion of 2000 Ing Cup Computer Go Tournament, Wulu is one of the strongest software on the market. The user can select levels from 7 kyu to 15 kyu of strength with up to 25 handicap stones in each level, and three rules sets.

Wulu is also a full game recording software that allows the user to add symbols and variations to record games in SmartGo, Ishi, and HandTalk formats.

This program has a very unique playing mode known als 'Array Mode', which allows the user to play Go on preset board positions of intriguing patterns. Each pattern is associated with a strength level, so that the user exactly knows how difficult the problem is. Another mode known as the 'Test Your Strength Mode', allows the user to enter his or her rank, and depending on the performance, the player will be demoted or promoted accordingly. The game comes with four styles of stones, four boards and three melodies to choose from. A very good grogram indeed!

System requirements:

Windows 95 or higher

Weitere Informationen
Hersteller Yutopian
Medium CD
Voraussetzung: CPU min. Pentium
Betriebssystem Windows 95
Sprache Englisch
Soundkartenunterstützung Nein