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10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess

159 Seiten, kartoniert, Everyman, 2010.

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How can you get better at chess? It's the eternal question, and is asked by players of all levels. Which part of the game should you focus on: the opening, middlegame, endgame or all three? How often should you play? Should you change your opening repertoire? What's the best way to analyse your games, to learn from your defeats? Should your training change as you get stronger? So many questions, and so many differing opinions - it's no wonder players are left bewildered.

Grandmaster Nigel Davies tackles these issues head on. Drawing upon his vast experience as a chess trainer, he examines the methods of a number of players who were looking to improve their chess, and how they went about achieving their goal.

Finding the path towards improvement can prove to be difficult without the right guidance. This book can show you the route to take.

  • A major study of improvement programmes
  • Written by a renowned chess trainer
  • Tackles all areas of the game.

Sprache Englisch
Autor Davies, Nigel
Verlag Everyman
Medium Buch
Gewicht 270 g
Breite 15,2 cm
Höhe 22,8 cm
Seiten 159
ISBN-13 9781857446333
Erscheinungsjahr 2010
Einband kartoniert

005 Bibliography

007 Introduction

009 1 Develop your Vision

019 2 Study the Endgame

031 3 Keep Company with the Strong

042 4 Take up Correspondence Chess

052 5 Create a Pre-Game Ritual

067 6 Cure your Time Trouble

087 7 Read a Good Book

118 8 Select your Chess Events Wisely

126 9 Know your Enemy

142 10 Improve your Fitness Level

155 Index of Openings

157 Index of Games and Positions

10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess