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A Survey of the Basic Tesujis

K85 - The Road Map to Shodan, Vol. 4

219 Seiten, kartoniert, Kiseido, 1. Auflage 2015

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In life-and-death situations and during the sharp skinnishes that arise in the middle game, brute-force analysis is usually required. However, intuition also plays a role in your ability to instantly find the key move that tums the position in your favor. Those key moves are called tesujis. There

are about 45 different kinds oftesujis that a dan-ranked go player should be familiar with. If a player has solved many problems that involve a certain kind of tesuji, that player will immediately recognize - almost unconsciously - positions in their games where that tesuji is applicable. This is

called 'pattern recognition '. Of course the player must confinn that it is indeed the required tesuji by the brute-force reading out ofthe continuation after the tesuji is played.

The aim of this book is to make the high kyu-Ievel player aware ofthe various tesujis that can arise in their games. It presents more than 40 basic tesujis that arise in the game ofgo. After an example ofa tesuji is presented and explained, three to 12 problems follow, showing the various ways that they can be applied. In all there are 182 problems. If you are a high kyu-Ievel player, your intuition is probably poorly developed, so it will be hard to spot the correct tesuji, but you should not dwell too long on each problem. It is bctter to look at them as examples and make a best-guess move, then immediately look at the answer. In this way you canprobably do 20 problems in an hour and get through the entire book in about a week. As you are intemalizing this new knowledge, your intuition will be gradually developing. After finishing the entire book, go through it once more. You will have already absorbed the much ofthis new knowledge and you will recognize many pattems that keep reoccurring. After going through this book twice at high speed, you can then come back to it and look at the solutions in more detail and confinn the results. By studying the tesujis presented here in this way, your intuition will develop to the point that you will be able to spot similar tesujis in your games.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 200 g
Hersteller Kiseido
Breite 15 cm
Höhe 21 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2015
Autor Richard Bozulich
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-4906574858
Seiten 219
Einband kartoniert

v Preface

vi A Brief Glossary ofGo Tenns and Concepts

001 The Hane

007 The Placement

014 The Throw-in

021 The Attachment

034 The Wedge-in (Warikomi)

040 Wedging in with a Hane (Hanekomi)

045 The Atekomi Tesuji

050 The Cut

058 The Descent

066 ThePeep

071 The One-Space Jump

081 The Shoulder Hit

086 The Diagonal Move

093 The Diagonal Attachment

098 Guzumi

101 Atari

106 Capture

110 Blocking

114 Drawing Back

118 Hekomi

122 Bulging Out

125 Solid Extension

132 Pushing

136 The Knight's Move

142 Narabi

147 The Diagonal Connection

150 The Solid Connection

156 Bumping against the Enemy's Stone

161 Pressing

168 The Push-in Tesuji

174 The Push-in-and-Cut Tesuji

179 The Two-Step Hane

185 Turning

190 Crawling

196 The Inside Hane

201 Attach and Cut

204 The Side Attachment

208 The Underneath Attachment

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