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Action Chess

Purdy's 24 Hours Opening Repertoire

191 Seiten, kartoniert, Thinkers' Press, 1. Auflage 2000

Aus der Reihe »C.S.J. Purdy Gold Chess Series«

9,95 €
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"My aim is to enable you to avoid losiog games in the opening, to show you how to obtain a reasonably level game as Black with the minimum nf "Swotting," so that when you and your opponents are both out of the books you will have a 50 - 50 chance." page 63

This is where Purely is different: he really understands the positions he discusses. Naturally, the passage of time has dated some of his analysis, but as you immerse yourself in the material contained in this book, you can't help but conclude, as Petrosian wrote of Mikenas, that this guy hasn't merely memorized the variations: they're etched into his hide... What you have is a book of ideas... Some of the lines given in the French section are not to be found elsewhere. If you study them carefully and do some original thinking, you can be a real openings expert. I have made some corrections, offered some hints and guidelines, but rest assured that I have left much ground unplowed...Trust Purdy. He could, as the economist Frank Knight used to say, further your education.


The book you are holding is guaranteed to increase your rating by 400 points. And who, you are wondering, is doing the guaranteeing? Uh, I am. And now you want to know, skeptic that you are, why should I be trusted? That is, as they say, a good question. I will therefore make a full disclosure - something extraordinary in the Age of Clinton - and reveal that I am a guy who has spent much of his adult life playing poker and blackjack and pursuing dancers (some of whom were gracious enough to allow themselves to be caught). I want you to buy this book because, having delayed its publication for an unconscionably long time, wrestling with problems that a responsible adult would have solved in a matter of weeks, I have fallen in love with its contents. In other words, I am biased and there is no compelling reason to believe what I say. Anyway, no book can improve your playing strength by two full rating classes, so if you do manage to gain 400 points, you can thank your own efforts. If, despite this disclaimer, you insist on giving the credit to Purdy and me, you should do the responsible thing and send me some money (it won't do Purdy any good). Let's explore this whole issue of trust in greater depth.

When the author of an instructional manual is honest and competent, following him along the path to knowledge is an intellectual adventure: upon reaching the destination, you are a new and improved version of your former self. When that author is dishonest - he deliberately withholds information or misleads - or when he simply doesn't understand the subject well enough to teach it, you have been cheated: you end up no better than you started out and you've wasted time. The literature of games is replete with titles that contain little or no useful information, mostly because the authors were not themselves strong players.


A brief word about how to use this book. It isn't truly a repertoire book: you will find nothing about the King's Indian Attack, which you need to know if you intend to employ the French Defense. There is nothing about various Sicilian sidelines, such as the Grand Prix Attack or 2. c3. What you have is a book of ideas. To get the most out of this material, you will have to work independently, collating Purdy's analyses with modern sources (use my bibliography) and keeping abreast of recent developments through publications such as Chess Informant and the New in Chess Yearbook. You need to continue the work I have begun for you. This, I admit, will involve some effort on your part, but the rewards should be considerable. Some of the lines given in the French section are not to be found elsewhere. If you study them carefully and do some original thinking, you can be a real openings expert. I have made some corrections, offered some hints and guidelines, but rest assured that I have left much ground unplowed.

So, do yourself a favor: don't play cards unless you know how to win, stay out of bars that charge an admission fee, watch out for politicians who claim that they invented the internet, and take Purdy very, very seriously. He could, as the economist Frank Knight used to say, further your education.

Best Wishes, Ron Wieck

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 300 g
Hersteller Thinkers' Press
Breite 15,3 cm
Höhe 22,9 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2000
Autor Cecil J. S. PurdyRonald J. Wieck
Reihe C.S.J. Purdy Gold Chess Series
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-10 0938650793
ISBN-13 9780938659792
Seiten 191
Einband kartoniert




013 Opening Problems and Principles

015 Rooks Are the Key

017 Books Are Anti-Black

020 Delayed Action Policy


025 Playing Black in Close Openings: All Purpose System


038 The 7. Bxf6 Line In The Queen's Gambit

042 If 8. Qc2

045 If 8. Rc1

046 If Other 8th Moves

047 If 7.Bf4


049 The All Purpose System Against Various Lines

049 Reti's Opening

050 Catalan Opening

052 English Opening

052 Bird's Opening

054 Old Style Queen's Gambit Declined


058 The French Defense

066 A Look Around

067 Steiner's Way

068 The 8... Qa5+ Line

068 The Subtle Line


070 French Defense: The 3... dxe4 Line

071 Variation A: 6. Be3

072 Variation B: 6. Ne2

073 Variation C: 6. Bf4

074 Variation D: 6. Ng3

075 Variation E: 6. f3

075 King's Fianchetto by White

077 The Straightforward Line Again

083 Miscellaneous

085 Conclusion


088 French Defense: More On The 3...dxe4 Line

088 The Straightforward Line

088 The 11. Ne5 Variant

090 The 11. Qe2 Variant

092 The 6. Ne2 Line

095 Milton's Choice


099 French Defense: The 3. e5 Line

099 The Advance French

09 The Trunk Line

100 A Crucial Position

102 The Fianchetto Variant

103 The Na4 Variant

105 The Philidor Attack

107 If White Omits c3

109 Nimzovich's Gambit


112 French Defense: The 3. exd5 Line

112 If White Copies Morphy, Copy Alekhine

117 Now Let's Be Alekhine

123 Defeating the Invincible

126 Exchange Variant: Summary


128 Sicilian Defense, Old Dragon Variant: Introduction

131 Resume

132 Amazonian Play Again

134 Simagin's Views

138 The 6. Nb3 Variant


140 Sicilian Defense, Old Dragon Variant: Interlude


145 Sicilian Defense, Old Dragon Variant: Main Line And Commentary

150 My Trunk Line

151 A Problem

154 Comments by Barden

158 Footnote


160 The Colle System

160 The Queen's Pawn Game Without Tears

161 Crowl's Debacle

163 Opening Theory and the Melbourne Congress

164 The Moves of the System

165 The Colle System Against 1... d5

168 To Play or Not to Play

169 Alternative Lines

169 Dutch Defense/Dutch Defense

170 Benoni Countergambit

171 The Old Indian (King's Indian)

171 The New Indian (Queen's Indian)

172 A Defense to the Colle System

177 Colle System

178 The Colle for Economy

180 The Normal Defense

184 Other Defenses

185 King's Fianchetto Defense

186 Stonewall Defense

186 The ...Bf5 Defense

189 Envoi

190 The Purdy Library of Chess

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