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Attack and Defense

K14 - Elementary Go Series, Vol. 5

249 Seiten, Taschenbuch, Kiseido, 4. Auflage 1997

Aus der Reihe »Elementary Go Series«

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The middle game of go often appears chaotic, but there is order in the chaos, as this book plainly reveals. The result of a joint effort by a tournament-winning Japanese professional player and an experienced American go writer, it lays down a few clear principles, then goes through a wealth of applications: examples, problems, and case studies from professional play. The reader emerges with a thorough grasp of how to choose strategy, how to execute dual-purpose attacks, how to defend with contact plays, how to force his opponent into submission or cooperation, how to invade and reduce territorial frameworks, and when to fight a ko. This is knowledge that no player can afford to be without.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 220 g
Hersteller Kiseido
Breite 12,3 cm
Höhe 18,3 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 1997
Autor Akira IshidaJames Davies
Reihe Elementary Go Series
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 4
ISBN-13 978-4906574148
Seiten 249
Einband Taschenbuch

006 Chapter One

Territory and Power

021 Chapter Two

Attacking Strategy

058 Chapter Three

Attacking Moves

086 Chapter Four


110 Chapter Five

Forcing Moves

130 Chapter Six

Inducing Moves

142 Chapter Seven

Reducing and Invading Large Frameworks

174 Chapter Eight

Invasions into Three-Space Extensions

198 Chapter Nine

Ko Fights

208 Chapter Ten


250 Guide to Further Study

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