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Bc5 in the Scotch Game

postponed to 'Dec 2008'

304 Seiten, kartoniert, Chrysalis

29,55 €
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The second in the Lev Gutman series of books on the Scotch Game, following on from Qh4 in the Scotch Game. Many books have been written about this chess opening but most just cover old analysis and reproduce games from a database. This book is distinguished by its high-quality and original analysis, making it a 'must-buy' item for club and tournament players. This is the ultimate book on 4...Bc5 in the Scotch Game from the ultimate series on the opening.

Lev Gutman is an International Grandmaster who emigrated from Russia to Israel in the early 1980s and then went on to live in Germany. A former second of Viktor Korchnoi, he is also known as an outstanding expert on opening theory. One of Gutman's particular claims to fame is that he once won the Rigan Chess Championship and 'Free Fight' Championship in the same year. Not an author to be trifled with!

Weitere Informationen
Hersteller Chrysalis
Breite 13,8 cm
Höhe 21,6 cm
Medium Buch
Autor Lev Gutman
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-10 0713487100
Seiten 304
Einband kartoniert
Diagramme 240
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