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Imagination of a Go Master

Logic Shattering Cosmic Style

222 Seiten, Spiralbindung, Nemesis, 1. Auflage 2004

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Takemiya's style of playing go is a free-flowing way of thinking called the cosmic style. It aims at building the largest territorial framework [moyo] possible, by playing directly in the center of the go board, without getting bogged down by conventional ideas about joseki,

Takemiya has selected ten of his games against leading go players and formatted them into a collection of problems designed to demonstrate his famous cosmic style. Many problems deal with the opening which is Indicative of the importance of using one's imagination to the utmost in that phase of the game.

To be as useful as possible as an instructional work for go fans, the material is organized into a question and answer format. The reader is urged to go over these games slowly and carefully, looking to see how each player met the challenge of countering his cosmic style. Read the hints that are given and then carefully consider each situation to sharpen one's own imagination.

Takemiya's hope is that his readers will follow their dreams and win in the way most conducive to their own nature. For even if one loses, it is a simple matter to start all over again. This engaging book captures Takemiya's humor and free-spirit and is filled with his insights and stories on go and life.

The optional teaching CD for use on windows and macintosh computers includes all ten games' problems and answers in an interactive format.

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 330 g
Hersteller Nemesis
Breite 15 cm
Höhe 21,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Autor Masaki Takemia
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-10 0971323003
ISBN-13 9780971323001
Seiten 222
Einband Spiralbindung

011 Game One v Tanaka Minaichi

Problem 013 1 If You Want to Attack to the Right, Play On the Left; How Should White's Attachment Be Answered?

015 2 Black is in Dire Danger at the Top; How Should This Be Dealt With?

017 3 Go is a Game Boundless in Its Depth; One Must Not Take Shortcuts When Thinking About a Position

021 4 Worrisome Areas Should Be Taken Care of Quickly

023 5 A Game of Go is the Same as a Human Being's Life; One Cannot Win By Taking Things Too Lightly

025 6 How Should a Disagreeable Move By White Be Dealt With?

027 7 The Place Where One Wants to Play is Hidden By the Opponent's Move

029 8 The Opponent's Threatening Move is Seen; What to Do?

033 9 Methods for Resisting White's Unwavering Drive to Win

037 10 Black Seems to Be Hard Pressed to Live, Then, an Unexpected Move

039 Game Two v Hashimoto Shoji

Problem 041 1 Method for Finding a New Plan That Defies Common Sense

043 2 How Should One Play at This Crucial Point of the Opening?

045 3 Playing in One's Own Style is Fine, But One Must Not Be Neglectful of the Opening

047 4 A Perfect Chance for Building a Large Territorial Framework; What is the Aim?

Problem - Game 2 049 5 If One Misses This Critical Point in the Game Then There is No Chance to Win

053 Game Three v Ohira Shuzo

Problem 055 1 After a Variation in the Large Avalanche Joseki is Reached, How Should Black Play?

059 2 White's Double Attack on the Corner is Inevitable; So What Method of Play Should Black Adopt?

063 3 A Move for Taking Sente to Settle a Position So That One Can Play a Desirable Point

065 4 I Commend to the Reader's Attention a Little Turn of Technique I Am Proud of

069 5 A Do-or-Die Move to Win a Close Battle By Abandoning Stone

073 Game Four v Rin K aiho

Problem 075 1 The Method for Countering Black's One Point High Attack on the Corner in This Position

077 2 Black's Territorial Framework at the Top is Worrisome

081 3 A Critical Point for White; How Should Black's Attack Be Handled?

083 4 Find the Most Effective Vital Point

087 5 Determining the Best Move to Counter the Opponent's Emphasis on Territory

091 Game Five v Yamashiro Hiroshi

Problem 093 1 Find the Next Move - The One that Dances in the Air

097 2 The Key Rule to Playing the Cosmic Style is to Never Play Hastily

099 3 A Necessary Move to Counter Black's Do-or-Die Strategy

Problem ~ Game 5 101 4 The Task for White is: Where to Initiate a Fight?

103 5 Continuing in the Same Mode Leads to a Slow Decline; So What is the Only Move to Avoid This?

107 Game Six v Fujisawa Shuko

Problem 1069 1 Ignoring White's Move Will Lead To A Painful Result

113 2 Seeking a Move to Frustrate White's Aim

117 3 Resigning Oneself to the Fact That One's Next Move Will End Up Losing Half a Group

119 4 The Method to Control the Center By Attacking White

121 5 White's Strategy After Black Surrounds a First-Rate Territory

125 Game Seven v Rin Kaiho

Problem 127 1 The Only Move to Block a Ladder

129 2 Three Methods for Deciding a Game in the Opening

133 3 One Difficulty After Another-Even After Blocking White From Getting In

137 4 Deciding Move to Establish a Large Cosmos in the Center

139 5 Find the Good Move With Which Black Sets the Pace

141 6 Ignoring Territorial Profit; Where is the Only Move to Play?

145 Game eightv v Cho Chikun

Problem 147 1 A Method for Thoroughly Countering a Territorial Style

149 2 Here is the Essence of the Cosmic Style

151 3 Countering Black's Severe Invasion

153 4 A Perfect Chance for Taking Advantage of Black's Bad Move

157 5 How Should Black's Move Be Countered?

159 6 A Satisfying Move That Builds a Large Cosmos

161 7 Black Finds the Strongest Move; What Now?

165 8 A Switch to the Opposite Side; Find Black's Response

169 Game Nine v Kobayashi Koichi

Problem 171 1 What is the Strategy for Countering Black's Invasion?

175 2 Carefully Read Out the Response

177 3 What is the Move to Take Advantage of Black's Overplay?

181 4 A Method for Avoiding Death By Neutralizing Black's Two Stones

183 5 The Response Here is the Turning Point of the Game

185 6 Failure Here and the Game is Over

189 7 Taking Advantage of a Momentary Lapse By Black

191 8 What is the Method for Dealing With Black's Counter-Attack?

195 Game Ten v O take Hideo

Problem 197 1 How to Meet Temptation of Black's Large Avalanche Joseki

201 2 Black Goes for Profit; What is the Next Move?

205 3 There Are Several Possible Responses, But Only One Correct Move

207 4 It is Essential to See the Big Picture Without Getting Bogged Down in Trifles

209 5 An Indispensable Method for Protecting the Center

211 6 A Board Position That Demands Accurate Positional Judgment From the Reader

215 7 Determine the Method for Preserving White's Advantage

217 8 Find White's Ko Threats While Taking Into Account Black's Ko Threats

219 9 What is the Response to Break Out of a Difficult Board Position?