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Level Up! Vol. R1 - Review 1 -

Learning Baduk step-by-step

187 Seiten, kartoniert, Baduk Topia, 2. Auflage 2009

Aus der Reihe »Learning Baduk step-by-step«

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Baduk was invented several thousands years ago. It was one of the Four Great accomplishments that a gentleman was expected to learn: Geomungo (traditional Korean zitherlike instrument), Baduk, calligraphy and painting. Baduk represented a high social standing. In the late 20th century the fast industrialization gave ordinary people time to enjoy leisure activities. Thus the high society's culture became a mass culture and one of the important leisures. Furthermore Baduk helps adults' mental health, children's mind, concentration and thinking ability. In the 1990s Korea became one of the strongest nations in the Baduk world, the Department of Baduk Studies was established, Baduk TV etc, were founded, the cultural and educational foundations for Baduk in Korea were laid. Especially when more people got to know that Baduk helps children's education, it became an activity in a special education program at elementary schools. All over Korea the number of Baduk schools increased.

I became interested in Baduk education, founded a Baduk school and taught many children for 15 years. In order to teach Baduk to children well, I went to Myongji University and graduated in Baduk Studies. I realized that systematic books for good education were missing. Nowadays the books consist of five levels (introduction, basics, beginners, intermediate and advanced level). The teacher can choose the proper books for their students. However, analysing the books showed that there are serious problems concerning the content and the level. In the same book some problems are too easy, others are too difficult. Like this it is not proper material for students, as it doesn't make students and teachers interested in Baduk.

I recognized, that systematic books are needed. During teaching and studying I collected material and published this book series to help children learning Baduk easily step by step. Even if the composition is not perfect, I hope my effort will help to develop Baduk education.

March, 2008 LEE Jae-Hwan

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 365 g
Hersteller Baduk Topia
Breite 19 cm
Höhe 25,8 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2009
Autor Yea-Hwan Lee
Reihe Learning Baduk step-by-step
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 2
ISBN-13 978-8990965912
Seiten 187
Einband kartoniert

014 1. Capturing Race & Approach

021 2. Life and Death & Next Move

027 3. Capturing Race & Endgame

034 4. Life and Death & False Eye

040 5. Capturing Race & Connection and Cut

048 6. Life and Death & Next Move

054 7. Capturing Race & Haengma

060 8. Life and Death & False eye

068 9. Capturing Race

074 10. Life and Death & Next Move

080 11. Capturing Race & Extension

087 12. Life and Death & How to Answer

093 13. Capturing Race & Connection

100 14. Life and Death & False eye & Next Move

106 15. Capturing Race & Haengma

115 16. Life and Death & How to Answer & Next Move

122 17. Endgame

131 18. Life and Death & False Eye & Next Move

138 19. Capturing Race & Extension

145 20. Life and Death & How to Answer