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Encyclopedia of Chess Problems - 4rd ed.

Themes and Terms

520 Seiten, gebunden, Reprint, Informator-Verlag, 4. Auflage 2021, Erstauflage 1997

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The only complete Encyclopaedia of Chess Problems ever written is available once again as a polished reprint of the original edition.
The life work of GMs Milan Velimirovic and Kari Valtonen is a must for any chess lover and enthusiast!

The Definitive Book, Encyclopedia of Chess Problems: Themes and Terms, written by GM of chess composition and GM solver Milan Velimirovic and his colleague, GM solver and 1984 World Solving champion, Kari Valtonen from Finland.
Inside, there are 1726 selected problems and all the answers to any question that one might ask about chess problems. It can be read in different ways, like the classical Larousse encyclopedia about themes and terms or as a great collection of problems.
“This comprehensive encyclopedia is special in our field of chess composition and will be enjoyed by chess players as well. It is a must in the library of all lovers of chess problems and studies" - Uri Avner, GM of Chess Composition, Honorary President of the WFCC.
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EAN 9788672970647
Gewicht 970 g
Hersteller Informator-Verlag
Breite 17,4 cm
Höhe 24,5 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2021
Autor Milan VelimirovicKari Valtonen
Sprache Figurinen
Auflage 4
ISBN-13 978-86-7297-064-7
Jahr der Erstauflage 1997
Seiten 520
Einband gebunden
004 Foreword
005 Preface
007 Introduction
010 Introductory Notes
013 Themes and Terms
477 General Index
506 Index of Composers
512 Index of Names
516 "Pattern Themes": Quick Reference