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Capablanca x3

Chess Career / Primer of Chess / Fundamentals

464 Seiten, kartoniert, Everyman, 1. Auflage 2017

Aus der Reihe »Everyman Chess Classics«

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Compilation of the following three titles:

- My Chess Career

- A Primer of Chess

- Chess Fundamentals

Brought together for the first time in one volume are three books by the titan of chess, José Capablanca. One of the greatest chess prodigies of all time, he evolved the most perfect chess technique seen on a chessboard. A former World champion, and one of the most successful tournament players in the history of the game, Capablanca’s uncanny position judgment empowered him to produce games that were masterful pieces of position play, and that culminated often in combinations of startling brilliancy. My Chess Career. Written one year before he became chess champion of the world, this book relives in Capablanca’s own words 35 of his greatest games and those events of his life relevant to his chess career. The seminal work of the Cuban genius who repeated the exploits of Morphy, suddenly bursting onto the European scene and annihilating the great masters who had hitherto dominated the international arena. This book captures the magic of Capablanca's early victory at San Sebastian 1911 and his second place - bowing only to Lasker - at St Petersburg 1914. Chess Fundamentals. Capablanca's classic instructional manual first appeared in 1921, the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title. This handbook is packed with timeless advice on different aspects of practical play and illustrated by Capablanca's own games. A Primer of Chess. Capablanca’s introduction to chess is an ideal first chess book for players of all ages. In systematic fashion, Capablanca lucidly explains the rules and basic principles of this fascinating game, and illustrates these with a wide range of practical examples. After capturing the world championship in in 1921, Capablanca was for a time regarded as practically invincible. Although he surprisingly lost his title to Alexander Alekhine in 1927, Capablanca remained a leading player until his death in New York in 1942.

My Chess Career:

Strategy - The essence of chess. Opening variations come and go, much as the fashions of Fifth Avenue, but strategy is timeless. A proper understanding of chess strategy will allow you to intelligently play any kind of position. And easily absorb the latest opening variations.

Get ready to learn chess strategy as played by the greatest strategic player who ever lived - Capablanca! Capablanca was the foremost exponent of the classical principles of chess strategy described by the first World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz.

If you know the rules of chess, you can use this book today to enjoy the games of the greatest natural chess master the world has ever seen.

A Primer of Chess:

Former world champion José Capablanca's introduction to chess, available for the first time in English in algebraic notation, is an ideal first chess book for players of all ages. In systematic fashion, Capablanca lucidly explains the rules and basic principles of this fascinating game, and illustrates these with a wide range of practical examples.

Topics covered include:The game, the pieces, their moves and object Improving your game

Elementary opening principles... and much more

Chess Fundamentals:

José Capablanca's classic instructional manual Chess Fundamentals first appeared in 1921, the year he defeated Emanuel Lasker for the world championship title. This handbook is packed with timeless advice on different aspects of practical play and illustrated by Capablanca's own games.

Topics covered include:

- First principles

- Planning

- The initiative

- Endgame strategy

and much more ...

Zusammenstellung der folgenden Titel:

- My Chess Career

- A Primer of Chess

- Chess Fundamentals

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 600 g
Hersteller Everyman
Breite 14 cm
Höhe 21,6 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Autor José Raul Capablanca
Reihe Everyman Chess Classics
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1781943960
Seiten 464
Einband kartoniert

My Chess Career:

xiv Preface by J. du Mont

xv Author´s Note

Part 1

003 Introductory

006 The Match with J. Corzo

015 The Years 1906-1908

026 The Match with Marshall

048 The Period of Evolution. The San Sebastian Tournament of 1911

065 The Period of Transition

Part 2

The Period of Full Development

089 My second visite to Europe

131 Up to and including the Rice Memorial Tournament

159 Up to and including Manhatten Chess Club Masters Tournament

171 The Match with Kostic and the Hastings Victory Congress

186 Conclusion

189 Afterword and Bibliography

193 Index to Games

A Primer of Chess:


001 Introduction

Part One

003 1 The Game, the Men, their Moves, and the Object of the Game

003 The game

004 The moves

007 Check and checkmate

008 Stalemate

008 Castling

010 Chess notation

011 Taking "en passant"

013 2 The Way to Learn and to Improve Your Game

014 Simple mates

018 Simple endings, pawn promotion

020 Two pawns against one pawn

023 Relative value of the pieces

025 3The Openings from an Elementary Point of View

030 The middlegame

037 The endgame

042 4 Main Rules and Ethics of the Game

Part Two

044 Introduction

048 1 The Endings

052 A classical ending

053 Obtaining a passed pawn

054 How to find out which pawn will be first to queen

055 The opposition

057 The relative value of knight and bishop

062 How to mate with a knight and bishop

063 Queen against rook

066 2 The Middlegame

070 Centre squares

071 Pawn formations

073 Castled pawn formation

075 Type positions and combinations

078 Valuation of position in the middlegame

086 3 The Openings

091 Ruy Lopez

095 King's Gambit

096 King's Bishop Gambit

097 Centre Game

097 Centre Gambit

098 Queen's Gambit

111 Synthesis of general theory

Part Three

114 Illustrative Games

115 1 Dr E.Lasker-J.R.Capablanca, 10th game, Havana 1921

119 2 J.R.Capablanca-Dr E.Lasker, 11th game, Havana 1921

122 3 J.R.Capablanca-Dr M.Vidmar, London 1922

124 4 J.R.Capablanca-E.D.Bogoljubow, London 1922

127 5 J.R.Capablanca-E.D.Bogoljubow, Moscow 1925

129 6 J.R.Capablanca-Dr M.Vidmar, New York 1927

132 7 J.R.Capablanca-R.Spielmann, New York 1927

133 8 A.Nimzowitsch-J.R.Capablanca, New York 1927

137 9 A.Nimzowitsch-J.R.Capablanca, New York 1927

140 10 J.R.Capablanca-A.Rubinstein, Berlin 1928

143 11 J.R.Capablanca-Dr M.Euwe, match, Holland 1930

146 12 J.R.Capablanca-Dr M.Euwe, match, Holland 1930

Chess Fundamentals:

001 PART I

001 Chapter 1: First Principles: Endings, Middlegame and Openings

001 01. Some Simple Mates

004 02. Pawn Promotion

006 03. Pawn Endings

009 04. Some Winning Positions in the Middlegame

011 05. Relative Value of the Pieces

012 06. General Strategy of the Opening

014 07. Control of the Centre

016 08. Traps

018 Chapter 2: Further Principles in Endgame Play

018 09. A Cardinal Principle

019 10. A Classical Ending

020 11. Obtaining a Passed Pawn

021 12. How to Find Out Which Pawn will be First to Queen

025 13. The Opposition

025 14. The Relative Value of Knight and Bishop

030 15. How to Mate with Knight and Bishop

031 16. Queen against Rook

Chapter 3: Planning a Win in Middlegame Play

034 17. Attacking without the Aid of Knights

035 18. Attacking with Knights as a Prominent Force

036 19. Winning by Indirect Attack

Chapter 4: General Theory

039 20. The Initiative

039 21. Direct Attacks en masse

041 22. The Force of the Threatened Attack

045 23. Relinquishing the Initiative

047 24. Cutting off Pieces from the Scene of Action

050 25. A Player's Moves Criticised in a Specimen Game

Chapter 5: Endgame Strategy

056 26. The Sudden Attack from a Different Side

061 27. The Danger of a Safe Position

062 28. Endings with One Rook and Pawns

064 29. A Difficult Ending: Two Rooks and Pawns

070 30. Rook, Bishop and Pawns v. Rook, Knight and Pawns

Chapter 6: Further Openings and Middlegames

072 31. Some Salient Points about Pawns

073 32. Some Possible Developments from a Ruy Lopez

076 33. The Influence of a 'Hole'

PART II I llustrative Games

081 01. FJ.Marshall - J.R.Capablanca, Match 1909

083 02. A. K. Rubinstein - J.R.Capablanca, San Sebastian 1911

086 03. D. Janowski - J.R. Capablanca, Havana 1913

088 04. J. R. Capablanca - E. A. Znosko-Borovsky, St. Petersburg 1913

091 05. Dr E. Lasker-J.R. Capablanca, St. Petersburg 1914

095 06. O. Chajes-J. R. Capablanca, Rice Memorial Tournament 1916

098 07. J. R. Capablanca - A. Burn, San Sebastian 1911

100 08. J. Mieses - J. R. Capablanca, Berlin 1913

104 09. J. R. Capablanca - R. Teichmann, Berlin 1913

107 10. J.R.Capablanca - FJ. Marshall, St. Petersburg 1914

110 11. J.R. Capablanca - D. Janowski, St. Petersburg 1914

111 12. J.R. Capablanca - O.Chajes, New York 1918

114 13. J.S. Morrison - J.R. Capablanca, New York 1918

118 14. FJ. Marshall - J.R. Capablanca, New York 1918

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