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Chess classics

games you must know

DVD-Box, ChessBase, 1. Auflage 2022

Aus der Reihe »Fritz Trainer Strategie«

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The video course presents a fine selection of 33 classic chess games, played between the 18th century and the beginning of the second world war. Starting with François-André Danican Philidor through to Mikhail Botvinnik, these significant games, played by the greatest players of their times, are treasures of chess history. They are also a part of chess culture, and every aspiring chess player or simply lover of the game of chess, should know them. As the author explains in the introductory video, knowing the classic games from the past enriches your chess understanding in general, and helps to improve the level of your own games.

Most videos represent the carefully selected material from the ”Chess Classics“ section from the editions 160-209 of ChessBase Magazine, completed with new material made especially for this video course. Apart from the 33 full games, the author presents a selection of important classical fragments, each of them providing instructive strategic or tactic ideas.

·Video running time: more than 8 hours (English)
·Thematic keywords for training purposes

Grandmaster Dorian Rogozenco, longtime coach of the German national team, is a strong chess player, who, e.g., qualified for the 2001 FIDE-WCh 2001, but who at a relatively young age began to favour his activities as an author. His publications for ChessBase include the Master Class series, the Classics column and Opening surveys for the ChessBase Magazine. Hes also a FIDE Senior Trainer.

·Dual Core
·graphics card with 256 MB RAM
·DVD-ROM drive
·Windows Media Player 9
·ChessBase 14/Fritz 16 or included Reader
·internet access for program activation

·PC Intel i5 (Quadcore)
·Windows 10
·graphics card with 512 MB RAM or more
·100% DirectX10-compatible sound card
·Windows Media Player 11
·DVD-ROM drive
·internet access for program activation
Weitere Informationen
EAN 4027975009087
Gewicht 100 g
Hersteller ChessBase
Breite 13,5 cm
Höhe 19,5 cm
Medium Download, DVD
Erscheinungsjahr 2022
Autor Dorian Rogozenko
Reihe Fritz Trainer Strategie
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
Einband DVD-Box

Sample Video:


Fragments 1
Fragments 2
Von Bruehl - Philidor, 1783 (Exchange of pieces, Prophylaxis)
De Labourdonnais - McDonnel, 1834 (Opposite coloured bishops, Initiative, Isolated queen's pawn, Attack against the king)
McDonnel-De Labourdonnais, 1834 (Bishop pair, Back rank mate, creativity in tactical complications, Queen sacrifice)
Anderssen-Kieseritzky, 1851 (The immortal game) (Deflection, Creativity in tactical complications, Queen sacrifice)
Anderssen-Dufresne, 1852 (The evergreen game) (Positional pawn sacrifice, Decoy, Double check, Queen sacrifice)
Morphy-Duke of Brunswick, 1858 (Pin, Queen sacrifice)
Anderssen-Zukertort, 1869 (Plan, Positional pawn sacrifice, Attack against the king, Decoy, Queen sacrifice)
Zukertort-Blackburne, 1883 (Opposite coloured bishops, Bishop pair, Prophylaxis, Plan, Deflection, Pin, Discovered attack)
Englisch-Steinitz, 1883 (Exchange of pieces, Bishop pair, Plan, Conversion of an advantage)
Steinitz-Sellman, 1885 (Blockade, Open file, weak squares)
Steinitz-Chigorin, 1892 (Plan, Conversion of an advantage)
Steinitz-Von Bardeleben, 1895 (Isolated queen's pawn, Positional pawn sacrifice, Calculation)
Pillsbury-Lasker, 1896 (Prophylaxis, Attack against the king, Calculation, Elimination of the defender, Creativity in tactical complications)
Chigorin-Lasker, 1899 (Bishop pair, Prophylaxis, Plan)
Rubinstein-Teichmann, 1908 (Plan, Attack against the king, Decoy)
Rubinstein-Salwe, 1908 (Centralisation, Exchange of pieces, Good bishop - bad bishop, Blockade, Prophylaxis, Plan, Conversion of an advantage, Weak pawn, Weak squares, Pin)
Tarrasch-Schlechter, 1911 (Opposite coloured bishops, Bishop pair, Prophylaxis, Conversion of an advantage)
Nimzowitsch-Salwe, 1911 (Centralisation, Bishop pair, Blockade, Weak squares, Attack against the king)
Rubinstein-Schlechter, 1912 (Centralisation, Open file, Plan)
Tarrasch-Teichmann, 1912 (Centralisation, Good bishop - bad bishop, Plan, Weak squares)
Lasker Ed. -Thomas, 1912 (Decoy, Double check, Queen sacrifice)
Nimzowitsch-Capablanca, 1914 (Open file, Positional pawn sacrifice)
Lasker-Capablanca, 1914 (Centralisation, Prophylaxis, Open file, Plan, Weak pawn, Weak squares, Positional pawn sacrifice)
Saemisch - Nimzowitsch, 1923 (Plan, Attack against the king)
Alekhine-Rubinstein, 1923 (Initiative, Back rank mate, Pin)
Bogoljubow-Capablanca, 1924 (Exchange of pieces, Good bishop - bad bishop, Plan, Weak pawn)
Reti-Yates, 1924 (Plan)
Reti-Alekhine, 1925 (Calculation, Deflection, Discovered attack, Creativitiy in tactical complications)
Johner-Nimzowitsch, 1926 (Plan, Attack against the king, Decoy, Pin)
Alekhine-Nimzowitsch, 1930 (Open file, Pin)
Botvinnik-Vidmar, 1936 (Initiative, Plan, Isolated queen's pawn, Deflection, Elimination of the defender, Pin)
Botvinnik-Alekhine, 1938 (Exchange of pieces, Open file, Weak squares)
Botvinnik-Capablanca, 1938 (Plan, Positional pawn sacrifice, Attack against the king, Calculation, Deflection, Pin)
Exchange of pieces
Good bishop - bad bishop
Opposite coloured bishops
Bishop pair
Open file
Conversion of an advantage
Weak pawn
Weak squares
Isolated queen's pawn
Positional pawn sacrifice
Attack against the king
Elimination of the defender
Back rank mate
Double check
Discovered attack
Creativity in tactical complications
Queen sacrifice
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