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(DK Superguides)

45 Seiten, gebunden, DK, 2001

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Meet Michael Basman, International Master and former British Chess Champion.

Enter the challenging and exciting world of chess with this comprehensive and simple guide to all the rules, skills, and techniques of the game. Clear step-by-step photography illustrates every aspect, from basic moves to more advanced tactics. A must for any budding Grandmaster!

"With this series of Darling Kindersley guides, the young enthusiasts of today - and tomorrow's star names - couldn't get off to a better start. "


Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 420 g
Hersteller DK
Breite 23,3 cm
Höhe 28,7 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2001
Autor Michael Basman
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-10 0751362298
Seiten 45
Einband gebunden

08 To all young chess players

09 History of chess

10 The chess set

12 The aim of the game

13 Simple notation

14 Pawns

16 Bishops

17 Knights

18 Rooks

19 The queen

20 The king

22 King of the castle

24 Further notation

26 Opening

28 The major pieces

30 Essential techniques

32 Attack and defend

34 Tactics

36 Endgame

38 It's a draw!

40 Taking it further

42 Glossary

43 Answers

44 Index and useful addresses