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Commented games by Lee Sedol Vol. 2

One step Closer to the summit

324 Seiten, Baduk Topia

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My ultimate goal is to be the best player in the world. Winning my first international title was a big step toward reaching this objective. I remember how fervently my father had taught me, and how he dreamed of watching me grow to be the world's best. I fee I great happiness and pride to have achieved so much, moving ever closer to fulfilling his dream. 'This book is really interesting to read because it is written in such detail; you can really share the thoughts and experiences of one of the world s strongest players. For me it is very exciting to read the elabo- rate commentaries given by Lee Sedol himself." - Yoon Young Sun 8P on the Korean edition (German Go Magazine 2011, Edition 5)

Weitere Informationen
Gewicht 670 g
Hersteller Baduk Topia
Breite 19 cm
Höhe 26 cm
Medium Buch
Autor Lee Sedol
Sprache Englisch
ISBN-13 978-8990965394
Seiten 324

006 Commentator´s Preface

008 Writer´s Preface

Chapter 1

012 7th LG Cup International lournament, Title Match - Game 3 [Lee Sedol 3P versus Lee Changho 9P)


015 Hometown: Bigeum Island

021 Confidence and Frustration

025 The Kongbbokki Farewell

031 New Dance

051 If not for Father

065 Weak to Compliments

071 Going to Competitions

111 Competitive Spirit

128 Chapter 1 - Epilogue

Chapter 2

130 2nd Toyota Denso Cup - World Oza, Title Match - Game 3 [Chang Hao 9P versus Lee Sedol 9P)


145 Baduk Professional Brothers

151 Left-handed Handshake

165 School Days

179 Grateful to Master Oh Kyu-Cheol

183 Dried Gourd Dipper

189 Four-wheeled Bicycle

195 Brave Kid

205 "Longing for Father"

209 Burn

219 Playing Style

234 Chapter 2 - Epilogue

236 Chapter 2 - Epilogue 2 : Semifinal versus Kong Jie

Chapter 3

238 3rd Toyota Denso Cup - World Oza, Semifinal (Lee Sedol 9P versus Lee Chango 9P)


243 Leave of Absence

259 Studying Baduk in a Dojang

271 Swimming

275 Play

277 Dojang Life

285 Benefits of Playing Baduk

307 Women´s Baduk

313 Lapses During Professional Games

320 Becoming a Professional Player

322 Chapter 3 - Epilogue