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Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White

Complete and Sound Chess Opening Repertoire

464 Seiten, kartoniert, New in Chess, 1. Auflage 2019.

29,95 €
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Seven years after his acclaimed and bestselling The Kaufman Repertoire for Black and White, Grandmaster Larry Kaufman is back with his new repertoire book, covering the entire scope of chess openings for both White and Black, in one volume.

Two important developments made this new book necessary. Larry Kaufman, who himself routinely plays the lines he advocates to others, discovered that after 1.d4 (the recommendation in his previous book) it became nearly impossible to show a consistent advantage for White, especially against the Grünfeld and Nimzo/Ragozin defenses. The other factor was that chess engines have become so much stronger.

Larry Kaufman presents a completely new White repertoire with 1.e4 aiming for an objective advantage in the simplest practical manner. You are presented with two options, while you don’t have to play the sharpest lines. The Black repertoire has been thoroughly revised and updated, and three new chapters have been added.

Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White is the first opening book that is primarily based on Monte Carlo search. The highly original analysis has resulted in loads of improvements on existing theory. This is a lucidly explained, ready-to-go and easy-to-digest repertoire with sound, practical lines that do not outdate rapidly and are suitable for masters while perfectly accessible for amateurs.

Larry Kaufman is an American Grandmaster. He has been involved in computer chess since 1967, when he worked on ‘MacHack’, the first computer that competed in tournaments with human players. More recently he has been working on the programs Rybka and Komodo.

Sprache Englisch
Autor Kaufman, Larry
Verlag New in Chess
Auflage 1.
Medium Buch
Gewicht 850 g
Breite 17 cm
Höhe 23,5 cm
Seiten 464
ISBN-13 9789056918620
Erscheinungsjahr 2019
Einband kartoniert

007 Explanation of symbols

009 General introduction

013 Material values

015 Part I – White repertoire

017 White Introduction – 1.e4: safe lines for a modest edge

021 Chapter 1 – Less common Black first moves

039 Chapter 2 – Caro-Kann

058 Chapter 3 – French Tarrasch

074 Chapter 4 – Petroff, Philidor, and Black gambits

090 Chapter 5 – Italian Game

108 Chapter 6 – Spanish with 6.d3

131 Chapter 7 – Sicilian with 2.Nc3

149 Chapter 8 – Sicilian with 2.Nf3

189 Index of variations (White)

193 Index of names (White)

195 Part II – Black repertoire

197 Black Introduction – Defenses of the Superstars

199 Chapter 9 – Unusual opening moves

207 Chapter 10 – English Opening

213 Chapter 11 – Queen’s Indian versus Réti

224 Chapter 12 – Anti-Grünfeld and Symmetrical English

241 Chapter 13 – Queen’s Pawn Openings

256 Chapter 14 – Neo-Grünfeld

266 Chapter 15 – Grünfeld Indian – Non-Exchange lines

289 Chapter 16 – Grünfeld Exchange

315 Chapter 17 – Center Game and Ponziani

321 Chapter 18 – Bishop’s Opening and Vienna Game

328 Chapter 19 – Gambits

343 Chapter 20 – Scotch and Four Knights Opening

358 Chapter 21 – Italian Game

370 Chapter 22 – Spanish offshoots

389 Chapter 23 – Breyer Variation

405 Chapter 24 – Marshall Attack

420 Chapter 25 – Anti-Marshall

432 Chapter 26 – M\'f8ller Defense

445 Index of variations (Black)

453 Index of names (Black)

457 Bibliography


Kaufman’s New Repertoire for Black and White