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Learn to play Go - Vol. IV 4

Battle Strategies

169 Seiten, kartoniert, Good Move, 1997.

Aus der Reihe »Learn to play Go«

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In volume IV or miss award-winning series, two top masters reveal the essential principles and techniques of good fighting, many explained in English for the first time:

  • Battle strategies for invasions, reductions, running battles, contact fights
  • Identifying key stones and expendables
  • Life in the no-parking zone
  • Killing with the pivot and the alien symbol
  • Capturing races - at-a-glance analysis
  • Ko fighting - timing and threat management, dragon style

Edward Lasker, the well-known chess player, once said "If there are aliens, they play Go." Others have gone so far as to postulate that not only do aliens play Go, but that Go itself is a message from the aliens to us. One might wonder in that case what the aliens are trying to say.

So far in my research I've been noticing recurring patterns in Go that I speculate hold the key to the aliens' code. Many of these patterns are documented here for the first time. I've taken the liberty of naming some of them, although this was an agonizing task, as in the case of the "Alien Symbol" (the "Poodle" being a close-running second choice). Throughout the text, "I" refers to Janice Kim, who is fully responsible for errors, omissions, and mistranslations of the extraterrestrial signals I have been receiving. As a way of making the "great pronoun debate" work for us, I've adopted the convention that Black is male and White is female.

Volume IV, the continuation of the Learn to Play Go series, assumes knowledge of basic ideas and terms covered in the first three volumes, including dual life, eyes and eye shapes, basic capturing techniques, haengma or the six basic relationships between stones, basic opening theory, and counting and scoring the game. Knowledge of Go terminology is de-emphasized, although the terms hane, sente, and atari are used frequently and should be familiar to the reader. Key terms to know are in boldface and described within the main body of the text, or in notes below the text when a fuller description would break the flow.

This volume is designed so that any player who has read the first three volumes should have no inordinate difficulty understanding and using the information presented - with the exception of the "Extra for Experts" sections, which may require deeper study to grasp fully. However, I strongly believe that even much more experienced or higher-ranking players can benefit from studying the often-overlooked fundamentals which this book endeavors to cover.

Thanks to my family, Michael J. Simon, Brian D'Amato and the D'Amato family, David Mechner, John Lee, and Barbara London. More thanks to Liz Shura, Valerie Blum, and the extraordinary Jonathan Englander and Bruce Price.

Janice Kim, September 1997, preface

Sprache Englisch
Autor Kim, Janice
Soo-hyun, Jeong
Verlag Good Move
Reihe Learn to play Go
Medium Buch
Gewicht 342 g
Breite 13,1 cm
Höhe 17,2 cm
Seiten 169
ISBN-10 0964479648
ISBN-13 9780964479647
Erscheinungsjahr 1997
Einband kartoniert

i Preface and Acknowledgements

001 Part I: The Middle Game

002(1) Invasion and Reduction

002 1. The Difference

005 2. Safety First

007 3. Use Backup

010 4. When Invading Looks Grim, Reduce

016 5. Reducing Large Areas

020(2) Battle Strategies

022 1. Identifying Key Stones

025 2. Don't Separate Living Groups

026 3. Good Defense

028 4. Watch Your Connections Carefully

031 5. Don't Fear the Bogus Attack

033 6. Fight With Purpose

036 7. Play Aggressively Where You Are Thick

040 8. At Times, Exchange

042(3) How to Attack

045 1. Take Away the Base

048 2. Make Profit While Attacking

051 3. Use the Knight's Move

052 4. Drive Towards Your Thickness

054 5. Protect Your Own Weaknesses

056(4) How to Take Care of Your Stones

056 1. Make a Base

061 2. Make Eye Space

064 3. Tread Lightly in Your Opponent's Area

066 4. Take Advantage of Ko

068 5. Give Up Hopeless Stones

071 Part II: Life and Death

(5) Searching for Life

072 1. Eye Shapes

075 2. How to Live

077 3. The Tiger's Mouth

079 4. The Throw-In

080 5. Utilizing No-Parking Zones

083 6. Dual Life

085 7. Ko

088 8. Playing Under the Stones to Live

090(6) Death by Design

090 1. How to Kill

093 2. The Pivot

095 3. The Alien Symbol

098 4. The Snapback

099 5. The Strange Property of the 2-1 Point

101 6. Playing Under the Stones to Kill

102 7. Dead L

106 (7) Capturing Races

106 1. Block Outside Liberties First

108 2. Counting Liberties

110 3. Eye vs. No Eye

113 3. 3-3, 4-5, 5-8, 6-12

116 4. Big Eye vs. Small Eye

118 5. Take Ko Last

120 6. Don't Start If You Can't Win

124(8) Ko Fighting

124 1. Don't Be Afraid of Ko

128 2. Measuring Eternity

130 3. Picnic Ko

133 4. Multi-Step Ko

138 5. Double Ko

140 6. How to Use Ko Threats

146(9) Test Yourself


Learn to play Go - Vol. IV 4