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Petrosian Year by Year - Volume I (hc)


484 Seiten, gebunden, Elk and Ruby, 1. Auflage 2020

39,95 €
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International Master Tibor Karolyi and FIDE Master Tigran Gyozalyan have written a comprehensive two-volume treatise on the life and games of Tigran Petrosian, who was world champion from 1963-1969. The present Volume I takes the reader on a journey from Tigran’s childhood, through the war years, successes in Georgian and Armenian national championships, his emergence as an elite player winning the Soviet championship and Olympic gold, and victory at the famous 1962 Candidates Tournament in Curacao.
Karolyi and Gyozalyan provide deep modern analysis of 148 full games and fragments, and summarise almost all known games played by Petrosian in the period. They also provide considerable background colour on each game, with round-by-round analysis of tournaments and matches in which they were played. Very few of these games have previously been analysed in detail in modern books, and those that were have nevertheless been subjected to considerably improved analysis.
Petrosian’s opponents in Volume I include world champions and challengers Fischer, Tal, Spassky, Botvinnik, Smyslov, Euwe, Korchnoi, and Bronstein, as well as leading players such as Keres, Geller, Benko, Polugaevsky, Reshevsky, Taimanov, Kotov, Gligoric, and many others. There is a special focus on his coaches Ebralidze, Lilienthal and Boleslavsky.
An added bonus is the inclusion of rare photos taken from private collections in Georgia and Armenia, many of which have never before been published in the West.
With a foreword by the greatest Armenian chess player of modern times Levon Aronian.

Weitere Informationen
EAN 9785604469262
Gewicht 880 g
Hersteller Elk and Ruby
Breite 15,6 cm
Höhe 23,4 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2020
Autor Tibor KárolyiTigran Gyozalyan
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-5-6044692-6-2
Seiten 484
Einband gebunden
004 Index of Games
008 Foreword by Levon Aronian
009 Introduction by Tibor Karolyi
016 Introduction by Tigran Gyozalyan
018 A Brilliant Youngster
021 1942
035 1944
052 1945
075 1946
096 1947
110 1948
121 1949
135 1950
152 1951
182 1952
203 1953
249 1954
268 1955
289 1956
312 1957
331 1958
365 1959
394 1960
418 1961
437 1962
467 Petrosian’s Remarkable Exchanges
472 It’s Your Move
481 Afterword to Volume I by Tibor Karolyi
483 Index of Themes
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