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Reuben Fine - Chess Career 1929-1951

400 Seiten, kartoniert, McFarland, 1. Auflage 2018

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American Grandmaster Reuben Fine grew up in the East Bronx in an impoverished Russian-Jewish family, learning to play chess from an uncle at the age of eight. During his high school years, his stake winnings and coins earned from playing at a Coney Island concession helped support his family. After graduating from college, he decided to become a professional player. Though his active international career was brief, his accomplishment and talent are unmistakably significant. This comprehensive collection of 659 of Reuben Fine’s tournament and match games is presented chronologically, in context, and with annotations from contemporary sources. More than 180 other games and game fragments (rapid transit, correspondence, exhibition, blitz, and others) are also included. The work also includes a biography of Fine, and notes aspects of his career that merit further study: his contribution to endgame and middlegame theory, his methods and style of play, and his exhibition play. Fine’s career results, brief biographical data about his opponents, a comprehensive bibliography that includes his contributions to journals, and indexes of players and of openings complete the work.
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EAN 9781476675329
Gewicht 920 g
Hersteller McFarland
Breite 21,6 cm
Höhe 28 cm
Medium Buch
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Autor Aidan Woodger
Sprache Englisch
Auflage 1
ISBN-13 978-1-4766-7532-9
Seiten 400
Einband kartoniert
Fotos 15
vii Acknowledgments
001 Introduction

A brief Biography
005 Introduction
006 Early Years
006 A Spell in Europe
007 Annus Mirabilis-1938
007 Back to College and Domestic Chess
008 A Chess Amateur
009 Appreciations and Assessments

Career History and Collected Games
011 Junior Master in the New York Clubs, 1929-1932
023 United States Open Champion and the Pasadena International, 1932-1933
031 The International Team Tournament at Folkestone, 1933
039 Pushing to the Forefront of American Chess, 1933-1934
057 More International Experience, 1934-1935
066 Open Champion Once More
072 The Warsaw Olympiad and Lodz, 1935
082 The Grandmaster Title, 1935-1936
087 The First United States Championship Tournament, 1936
098 A Return to Europe, 1936-1937
132 Swedish Punch, 1937
143 A Trip to Soviet Russia, 1937
151 Sharing the Honours with Keres, 1937
163 A Drop in Form, 1937
174 The Stockholm Team Tournament, 1937
180 More Poor Form and a World Championship, 1937-1938
190 The Second United States Championship Tournament, 1938
201 The Great A.V.R.O. "Candidates" Tournament, 1938
215 U.S. Open Champion Again, 1939-1941
259 U.S. Speed Champion, 1942-1945
281 International Tournaments and Matches, 1945-1951
312 Fine as a Correspondence Chess Player
316 Simultaneous Exhibition Games and Miscellany

Career results Tables
341 Tournaments
342 Individual Matches
343 International Team Tournaments (Olympiads; Others)
343 New York Metropolitan Chess League
344 Miscellaneous Match Games
344 Correspondence Games
345 U.S. Speed Championships

347 1. Biographical Data about Fine's Opponents
356 2. Time Controls and Rates of Play
357 3. Fine's Notebooks at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
358 4. Results of the A.V.R.O. Participants During the 1930s
361 5. Historical Elo Ratings and U.S.C.F. Ratings
361 6. Fine as Author
364 7. Further Research Possibilities
365 8. Fine on Blindfold play

369 Tournament Books
370 United States Chess Federation Yearbooks
370 Soviet Chess Yearbooks
370 Biographical Games Collections
371 General works
372 Periodicals
373 Openings Index-Descriptive (to game numbers)
375 Openings Index-MCO (to game numbers)
378 Players Index (to game numbers)
381 Annotators Index (to game numbers)
383 Sources Index (to game numbers)
384 General Index (to page numbers)